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  • Advice please!

    I eat close to 100% primal (no grains, dairy, artificial sweeteners). My major indulgence in the past has been almond butter, and sometimes a square of baking chocolate (no sugar at all).

    Two weeks ago, I had a sudden attack of pancreatitis which doctors suspect was caused by a gallstone, but so far all tests have been negative (I'm still being tested). I was hospitalized for three days but thanks to the glucose drip and high sugar "liquid" breakfast I had to eat, no weight loss even though I had nothing by mouth!

    I've lost a lot of weight (very, very slowly) and would like to drop another 10 lbs before maintenance, but here is my problem. Because of the gastric problem, I need to eat very low fat for at least the next few months. I will not mess with my pancreas!

    I'm eating mainly fish, egg white "omelets" and veggies (mainly broccoli and spinach). I can use salsa for seasoning. I actually like my food and should be able to lose with this WOE--except for the fact that the lack of fat is making me hungry! I'm afraid that I'll cave and eat a 'low fat' bagel at some point if I can't get satiated. But how can I without fat? I know if I start adding some starchy carbs (brown rice, oatmeal), that will escalate into far too many carbs for me.

    Advice on how to deal with this?

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    Maybe you can focus on losing wieght after you get control of the pancreatitis.


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      Thanks. I'm really not trying to lose in the middle of my tests, etc. But I don't want to get into bad eating habits either.


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        Learn to love root veggies, I guess. You've got to get your calories somewhere.
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          So basically Kitavans without the coconut? That sounds ghastly!

          I don't know how much fat you're allowed but if you want some beef, the heart is very tasty and nutritious and only has a bit of fat.
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