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  • What Foods are in Season!

    Foods are meant to be in season. I miss the days, when my mum would come home from the supermarket, and declare that peaches were in season. The joy it would bring me is one of my fondest childhood memories.

    These days, due to technological advances in genetic modification, food preservation and logistics, we are able to get any food at any time of the year. This is a great convenience and I do appreciate it however, I like eating foods which are in season. The main reasons being;

    a) It's often a LOT cheaper.

    b) Seasonal foods are often a LOT fresher and have a great taste.

    c) They force me to change my eating habits. I get to change what fruits and vegetables I am eating

    So there are many resources on the Internet who have the same information, but I have been using this colorful little spreadsheet for a few years now. It's based on the Australian climate however, so usage my vary!

    Hope people enjoy it.

    If anyone finds errors or wants me to add anything just shoot me a msg.

    Paleo Robs Super Food Season Thingamajig
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