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Help! I'm gaining a LOT of weight

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  • Help! I'm gaining a LOT of weight

    I've been vegetarian for 30+ years, on and off again vegan for at least 10. I'm a whole foods locavore...meaning I try to eat what is local to me, and I rarely used prepackaged foods, even making my own pasta.

    I've read the studies, done the research, and have gone paleo...well sort of.

    I've cut out pretty much all the grains, and started on raw milk, pastured eggs, raw cheese, real butter, greek yogurt chicken and turkey. I had my first bacon in 35 years this morning.

    Since I've gone paleo, 4 wks ago, I've gained 12 lbs! I was NOT underweight, and certainly didn't need to gain any! I'm 5'7", was 134, and am now 146. This is not cool, and I don't know what to do.

    I've cut my cheese back to a slice of swiss on my turkey wrap once a day (loaded with veggies). I eat no other grains, but I do eat yogurt most days. (Organic greek) Otherwise, it's a vegetable plate with some chicken, or some vegetable soup, and veggies for snacks. I rarely eat fruit, and drink water all day, and I do have a beer in the evenings. I cook from scratch, and have for years, we eat out maybe 6-8 times a year.

    I also eat nuts..mostly almonds or walnuts.

    What can I do? I will NOT be fat....

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    You are pregnant, obviously.


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      not likely....but wouldn't that be interesting! Starting over when my older boys are grown men!


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        Perhaps too much dairy and nuts. Also, check your macronutrient ratios? How many carbs are you getting vs fat and protein?
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          how do I do that?


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            What do you usually eat during the course of a day? Although complicated mathematics may not be necessary, having an idea of what you ingest could give us all an approximation on how your ratios are going.

            Being a vegetarian for so long, along with nut consumption, your omega rations are probably off. there have been a lot of posts on the board lately regarding proper omega 3 intake. foods like nuts and vegetable oils can throw off proper ratios and lead to inflammation and leptin resistance, which could lead to weight gain. I am by far not the expert but that seems to be the current consensus.
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              Originally posted by reddhedd View Post
              how do I do that?
    ! My addiction. >.<
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                Yeah definitely start using fitday and nutritionfacts.

                Basically vegetarians unless they're junk food vegetarians don't tend to eat very many calories (because let's face it, vegetarian food sucks) and the symptoms of metabolic syndrome can go unnoticed for a while. Without constant consumption of animal-based omega 3 fatty acids the omega 6 accomulates and the ratio is skewed. I'm 100% certain that a poor ratio causes a lot of leptin and insulin resistance. I'd probably take it easy on the nuts and chicken, turkey, eggs, and possibly dairy for a while and eat more beef, fish, and take a hefty dose of fish oil. Butter is probably still a good idea. That's my take anyway. Whenever someone is having weight issues the three general questions are "are yours polyunsaturated fatty acids ratios good?", "are you missing any key nutrients" , and "are you eating enough saturated and monounsaturated fat". It may not be the fact that you're eating more, I don't know that, but add all of that omega 6 in and we become leptin resistant regardless.
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                  Listen to Stabby. He knows stuff.

                  I cut the chicken (all poultry) because of the O6 and I am dumping nuts July 1 as a one month challenge. Obviously people with healthy metabolisms don't need to do this.


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                    Ok, what I eat ...on an average day, which this past week has NOT been....I've been out of town 4 days out of 8!

                    Either leftover veggies, eggs, or plain greek yogurt with a splash of agave nectar and some pecans or walnuts. Orange juice.

                    Leftover veggies, fresh veggies (lately it's been avocados, tomatoes and cukes chopped together with a splash of lime juice and a sprinkling of salt) or a turkey wrap with slice of swiss cheese, spinach, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, homemade mayo, and spicy mustard.
                    Chicken or turkey, salad (spinach, romaine, tomatoes, onions, cukes, hard boiled eggs, sesame or sunflower seeds, no dressing) or cooked veggies... stewed squash or zucchini, roasted cabbage, steamed or stir fried green beans, drunken leeks, fried green tomatoes, roasted broccoli and/or cauliflower.

                    Veggies are cooked with water, olive oil or butter. I don't drink milk but I do buy it raw and make cheese and butter from it.
                    Eggs are pastured organic...I drove to the farm to check for myself, and I now get them delivered weekly, along with the milk. I buy chicken and turkey from Whole Foods, but will be switching to an organic co-op next week.


                    Water all day...I drink probably 3 qts a day, as I spend 2+ hours in my garden, both morning and evening. (4-5 hrs altogether) I try to avoid being out during the hottest part of the day, but it's still warm when I'm out. Sometimes I'll add a splash of lemon juice to it. I rarely drink coffee....maybe once a month, and rooibos tea every couple of weeks.

                    I drink a beer or two most evenings, or a glass of wine. Maybe once a month we have margaritas. The rest of the evening I drink unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with I have for the past 5 years.

                    I snack on hardboiled eggs, almonds, or homemade mozzarella, plus what ever my garden wants to give me...I garden completely organically, and eat as I harvest. Cherry tomatoes, green beans, black berries, cucumbers...whatever is ripe!


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                      Well, Stabby,

                      I don't agree that vegetarian food sucks, but I am making the switch anyway!
                      I LOATHE seafood, always have. I became a vegetarian at 14, because I had trouble digesting felt like I had swallowed a stone, and I felt sluggish and heavy for 2-3 days afterward. I was listening to my body, and it said "Don't eat it!"

                      Now, that could be because with 7 kids to feed, my parents bought the cheapest cuts they could, and everything I've read has led me to believe that eating organic pastured meats will be easier to digest.

                      That being said, I am not eager to jump back into red meat...I plan to buy some beef bones from the co-op next week and make soup, and sort of ease my way into it.


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                        What jumps out at me is the orange juice, beer, wine, and cranberry juice -- I don't know at all what your metabolism is like, but in my case orange juice seems to trigger enough of an insulin response to stop weight loss for several days. I don't drink alcohol, but others around here have mentioned that they gain weight or plateau when they have regular drinks.
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                          ah alcohol...cut out the last pleasures in my life! ;o) Seriously, I have usually had a drink in the evenings for years; this is not new. Why would that suddenly make me gain weight? I'm not arguing, I really want to know!

                          I just tried that program. It says that today I ate 1744 calories, fat 49%, protein 19%, carbs 26% and alcohol 6%.


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                            Jeez I have no idea. Do you have thyroid issues? Are you getting enough iodine? I don't see any seafood in there, and if you aren't using iodized salt, then you are certainly deficient in it. Seaweed is the best source.
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                              Does anyone think it could be her body's reaction to 30 years of malnutrition, to save up as much of this valuable saturated animal fat as possible?
                              You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!