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Does liquid coconut oil get bad?

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  • Does liquid coconut oil get bad?

    I have a large container of cooconut oil. There is a little bit left but it is basically liquid because it is usually above 76 degrees in the house. It has been like that for about one month or so... is it safe to eat? Or will it be rancid since it has not been below 76 degrees?
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    It's supposed to be fine left out.

    You should notice a rancid smell if it's gone bad...


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      Awesome. I do not smell anything bad... I think it lasts a LONG time too.
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        It has a long shelf life as long as you leave it in a cool, dark place and don't allow any foreign contaniments get in there.

        I make soap with it and buy 80kg at a time. Beleive me when I tell you that you'll KNOW if it's bad, you won't be able to get your nose near it.
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