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Any auto-immune sufferers using goat products in place of cow?

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  • Any auto-immune sufferers using goat products in place of cow?

    I've given up all dairy including beloved whey protein powders and have been using goat products as a substitute in an effort to control my RA through diet rather than meds. Goat products are supposedly more auto-immune friendly than cow products. I purchased Mt. Capra Goat Protein Powder, Solar Synergy recovery drink powder, goat milk kefir and yogurt. Goat products have come a long way from when i tried them about 5 years ago. There is very little "smelly barnyard" odor to them and they are quite tasty.

    When i drink the kefir or eat the yogurt, though, i get that same instantaneous bloat, distension and general uncomforable feeling i get if i consume cow milk products. Is this normal? acceptable? does it indicate a hostile gut reaction? I feel fine about an hour later once my bod processes it.

    Any other auto-immune sufferers who have cut out cow products have experiences to share with goat milk? It's rather expensive and I don't want to keep it in the mix if it isn't beneficial.

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    can you just stay away from all dairy? i know it's kinda hard, but i think they all produce some sort of inflammation/mucus reaction. but if you must, i'd stay with goat or maybe sheep. really try and give it up, you'll feel better!!!
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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      I think the key is to consume raw dairy, if you have trouble with it. Raw contains the enzymes that we are lacking which contributes to digestive issues.

      Even though goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk, it sounds like you are still consuming quite a bit.