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UK: CAFO/ Feed lots are heading our way.

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  • UK: CAFO/ Feed lots are heading our way.

    Its just a heartbreaking development.

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    I've been looking at a lot of the campaigns being run by Compassion in World Farming etc......its such a shame that so many of their campaigns hinge on trying to convert people to vegetarianism. Thats just not going to win the battle. It would be much better to advertise the public of the ethical, health and flavour benefits of traditionally reared meat.

    I hope Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall/ Jamie Oliver get campaigning more intensively over this. Their work on "Chicken out" etc was excellent.


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      I just read that in the paper this morning. Not one mention of how factory farming is bad for both the environment and the nutritional profile of the meat. The author(s) simply mention how farming around the UK is losing money, and how it's sad that factory farming is going to come in and displace the idyllic landscape.

      One of the things I've enjoyed the most being in this country for the past two weeks is that all of the meat is generally free roaming, and delicious.


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        Yeah, its just such a shame. I guess I can sleep sound in the knowledge that my really excellent local butchers shops will still be selling the pasture fed livestock that they always have. Its fast food restaurants and supermarkets that are going to be selling this crap, and using it as a tool for supermarket price wars. Its the poorest people that are gonna suffer the most healthwise as a result of industrial "farming".

        I remember when Hugh F-W did "Chicken Out" he tried to convince a bunch of volunteers from his local community to stop buying factory chickens and start buying free-range at the very least. They had all agreed to take part in the project, which involved things like visiting a factory farm, a free-range farm and also helping to kill a chicken in the hope that it would make them realise their choice to eat meat results in the death of an animal. Most of the volunteers ended up with the strong moral conviction that they should make sure the animals they eat have had a happy life. There was one terrible, ignorant, obese woman that basically refused his challenge and tried to bad-mouth it at every opportunity. She refused to change on the basis that the free-range chicken cost 1 more than her cheap, nasty one. It made me so angry, because when you looked at the rest of her shopping trolley it was full of packets of crisps and penguins and other stuff that really isn't nutritionally beneficial. If she just ditched some of the unnecessary crap she could easily afford to make better meat choices and probably lose some weight. It made me seethe with rage.
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