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great snack for potassium!

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  • great snack for potassium!

    I just had 3 dried apricots - weighing in at 325 mgs of potassium and a tablespoon of delicous heavy cream on top. YUM. Truly a delicious snack.

    that brought my total carbs up to 84 for the day, but i am happy with that, it is still considered in the Primal Sweetspot for weight loss, and it also got me to 4,300 for potassium! yeah!

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    Awesome. Sounds pretty yummy too. Nothing beats fruit and daiiiiry.
    "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

    "A pound of meat a day keeps the doctor away"


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      Brilliant! I'll be laying in a store of apricots then! I have found potassium and magnesium the two minerals most difficult to get in quantities I need.