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Afraid the weight is coming back!

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  • Afraid the weight is coming back!


    I have done really well with weight loss and feel fantastic. I have lost about 18 lbs since Nov. and it has been really easy.....aside from the amount of time I spend in the kitchen prepping fresh healthy meals, which I actually enjoy.

    Here is the snag, we are moving. I am finding it hard to prepare proper meals while so exhausted from packing all day. I have been popping handfuls of dark chocolate chips (sugar cravings go up with my cycle ) drinking a couple beers daily, and trying to make meals with what I have on hand....last night was ham & baked potato, night before was some nasty rice box junk (I didn't eat) and ham, with frozen lima beans (blech)

    I need to clear out the freezers and eat what is there. I did stock up on salad stuff so we will have decent lunches for the next few days...and a roast chicken is on the menu tonight. Eggs fro breakfast and smoothies mixed in (protein, veggies, antioxidants...but a little carby)

    We will be in pack up mode thru Monday. Then we will be in limbo, staying with family for a week, then moving into a temporary trailer for 3 weeks until the new house is ready.

    How do I get thru the next month without gaining too much weight?! I usually try to stay at around 50-60g carbs daily, but that is really hard right now so I need to get a grip. If anyone has any coping strategies I'd love to hear them!

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    I have no advice except to say that I personally gain rapidly if I'm not obsessive about my eating. I often "pretend" (to myself) that I have an illness (like diabetes) that makes some foods off limits, so that I think of things like bread and sugar as poison for me. Eating those foods just isn't a consideration.

    I read your post as someone feeling 'helpless' in the face of circumstances, but consider if you really did have an illness. You probably wouldn't let circumstances dictate your diet if it was going to have negative effects on your health.

    I'd rather go hungry than eat things that aren't good for me, and I've found when I think that way, I find a way to get the right foods. If I have foods that I need to 'get rid of' that I know are bad for me, I'd rather donate them to a local soup kitchen or shelter than eat them myself. But that's just me.


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      Emmie, you are completely right and ironically I realized that before even reading your post!

      I decided this morning that I need to go back to crab tracking. As much as I love the freedom of winging it, right now I need the accountability of seeing it in black and white.

      Here it is summer time and for the first time in many year I actually look hot in a bikini and damn it, I am not going to let this move get in my way!

      Thanks for the kick in the butt!