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  • Quick question about supplements..

    So far on the PB the only supplement I have been taking is a probiotic. Yesterday I bought Norwegian Gold humungo horse-pill Fish Oil Omega 3-s. I usually take my probiotic after lunch. Is that when I should also take my fish oil? I'd rather take them both with lunch than either one with dinner or breakfast.

    Just curious if others prefer taking them one way or another.

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    I usually take mine in the middle of a meal: reduces chance of fish burps.
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


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      On the package they say they are "burp free" because of a coating or ingredient, I forgot. Just wondering if anyone didn't feel so well taking both at once. Either way, they're goin in, right?


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        I have always found, regardless of package claims, that taking fish oil either right before or in the middle of the meal best for avoiding "fish oil" burps. those big capsules just flat out cause them.

        I often (always) mix my supplements, but make sure they have food on top of them. When I take them after food, I sometimes have some "issues".
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          I use carlsons unflavored cod liver oil and pour my serving size over my lunch or dinner. No fish burps b/c no pill to burst.
          I THINK its ok to do this b/c I can't see how it wouldn't be!


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            I guess I'm lucky in that I've never experienced "fish burps" before. I've even taken 20+ (Yes, 20+. This is not a typo.) fish oil pills on an empty stomach before with no issues.

            OP, you should be fine combining your fish oil with your pro-biotic at any meal of the day.