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Coconut = What is all the fuss about?

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  • Coconut = What is all the fuss about?

    I'm a fan of coconut, LOVE the taste. I had previously avoided due to the fat content but since deciding to try this type of eating have started purchasing coconut milk and oil for cooking. I was reading a can of coconut milk this morning, and noticed values only next to the fat, sugar and sodium... nothing else... So what is so great about it nutritionally?

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    The medium chain fats are great source of instant energy. They're a good source of other vitamins as well, such as manganese (which I personally find hard to get from other foods)

    And the variety.. coconut flour, milk, oil...
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      Not to mention we form monolaurin from the lauric acid. Very useful for combating belligerent microorganism.
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