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Are Parsnips primal??? I don't get it!

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  • Are Parsnips primal??? I don't get it!

    I love parsnips, but what I don't get is why they are allowed. They are high in carbs aren't they?? Sweet and tasty, but surely cannot be a regular substitute for Potato?

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    It's not all about how many carbs, but the source of said carbs. If you are Primal for weightloss, you might want to keep your carbs under 50g a day, and large quantities of parsnips aren't going ot help you there. But in moderation they are fine and don't have the lectins and antinutrients found in potatoes. I also love parsnips.


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      Carbs aren't so black and white from the perspective of the community as a whole. Mark's suggested upper limit for people without insulin resistance problems or people who aren't looking to lose weight is 150g a day. And 150g a day or even 100g makes room for a good hefty dose of parsnips. They're not THAT high carb. And even stuff that is like yams are still allowed provided someone is a good candidate for carbs.
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        Starch isn't bad. Too much starch is bad. Not everybody can eat like a Kitavan, but each parsnip at 27g CHO, 6 of which are indigestible fiber, isn't exactly going to break the bank. Just go easy on them.
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          They're fine.

          In fact thanks for reminding me. I love parsnips but totally forgot about them.

          I swear, my mind goes blank when I go grocery shopping...
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            Thanks guys I understand that parsnips have some good nutritional things in them, I read the smart fuel blog, but they must have the same insulin response as potatos, or very similar.....

            I will still eat them, just don't want falsely believe that they are a low insulin response substitute for potato!!
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