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Cream sauces?

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  • Cream sauces?

    Ok for lunch today I had sauteed fish in a "lemon butter cream sauce" from a restaurant, as well as vegetables swimming in butter. I know I shouldn't be scared of fat but I couldn't help feeling a little guilty. Also, what about cream based soups, bisques, etc.? Are these ok or should they be part of my 20%? Thanks!

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    I recommend reading about this really cool diet and lifestyle called the Primal Blueprint that has lots of information about fats.

    edit: Unless you specifically mean dairy? In that case, dairy is good in moderation and if you can tolerate it, go hog wild.


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      Yes, I guess I was mainly talking about the cream, the dish was basically cream with some fish. And then I got to thinking about how delicious lobster bisque was and wondering if that was primal or not, haha. Thanks.


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        Heavy cream is usually 40% fat or higher. There's very little lactose and casein in it which are the only reasons to avoid dairy. I eat a pint of heavy cream per week in various forms. Avoid milk and half and half but don't worry about cream and butter unless you notice adverse effects from all dairy.


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          The problem is I know some restuarants put flour in their cream sauces to thicken it not just heavy cream. You may just want to ask them next time what they put in their sauces..
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            Yeah, I guess I was talking about cream generally. When in restaurants its always better to err on the side of simpler food since chefs love to sneak flour into things...even lobster bisque.


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              Thanks you guys! This really helps. "Rich" seafood dishes used to be on my bad list, it's like my favorite thing to eat! Being primal is awesome!