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    While I'm relatively new to PB (2 mos. or so), I am not new to exercise/health, etc. I'm posting this because I'm (more than a bit) frustrated with some basic cause and effect between eating and exercise (something that is relatively new for me!).

    Background and Exercise Habits
    I'm 5'9" 165-168, 48 yrs. old and in (what I'd describe as) very good health. I got into nautilus/weight training 25 yrs. ago and haved mixed that with cardio, pilates, yoga, etc. through the years. I also continue to train in Tae Kwon Do (as I have for the past 13 yrs.) and have done the "chronic cardio" thing, finishing a round of P90X in 2009 and a round of Insanity in 2010. I should mention that I began eating along the PB only *after* I completed these intense programs.
    Also,I typically get up early and do a varied hour of weights / pushups, or soft qigong/standing meditation, etc. between 3 and 5 times per week. Finally, I practice yoga and martial arts about 3x per week.

    Eating Habits
    I'm pretty much "off the grid", and consume about this much every day:
    • Breakfast: Shake with 2 organic eggs, olive oil, Greek yogurt, pro-biotic plant extract ("Green Vibrance" if you want the brand name), and a fistful of blueberries or strawberries. N.B. I just read on a different thread about how I'm not getting the protein I thought from the eggs. Perhaps adding a scoop of Whey protein is the ticket here. I also usually drink a 24 Oz. coffee with cream and 2 sugars daily (hey, I said "pretty much")
    • Lunch: Greens and leftovers (usually grass-fed beef, organic chicken, or tuna)
    • Dinner: The same, only hot this time
    • Snacks: Homemade primal bars (variation of some of the recipes from this site)

    I do indulge in a weekly dinner of less -than-perfect foods (pizza, fries, etc.) and also a few beers once a week; also some red wine on the weekends.

    The Challenge
    I ended up gaining a few pounds during P90X in 2009, and thought that Insanity would slim me down (my weight had been pretty constant between 155-158 for nearly 10-12 years or so). But I pretty much stayed the same, even with the intense work and sweating (my caloric intake did increase, but I'd say only 10% or so).
    Not being a big junk food eater, moving to the PB for me meant dropping my customary daily oatmeal (15 yrs. of that every morning), nearly all bread, and increasing my intake of eggs, olive oil, good meat, etc. I had hoped that the gradual ~1 lb./week weight loss would begin to kick in by now, but I really haven't seen it yet. I do feel a bit more energized than before (I was dragging big-time during P90X, but felt pretty good during Insanity, no doubt due to their 'Recovery Drink'), but also haven't seen the unbounded energy that most of the Primalists here seem to possess.

    • I do think that my carb intake has been below the 150 gm/day, should I do a more exact count for a month or so to verify that?
    • See above re: eggs and my shake - should I add more protein to my morning meal?
    • Is it more difficult to get my system into a weight reduction mode given that I've been in a relatively regular exercise and healthy eating mode for 20+ years?
    • I am waiting for Mark's eBook for more suggestions re: an exercise (non)-schedule; as someone who thrives on routine (can you tell?) what are the prevailing starting points?

    Thank you to all for any help. I do have a thick skin so please feel free to provide unvarnished suggestions and comments!


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    Just checking - is this thread reply-able?


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      Do you -need- to lose weight? Are you stalling / gaining weight because that is where your body wants you to be at?


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        Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
        Do you -need- to lose weight? Are you stalling / gaining weight because that is where your body wants you to be at?
        That's a great question - I'd prefer to be the weight I was (back in my 30s - I had been there for quite awhile). I do plan on doing a rough calorie count and more precise look into my fat/protein/carb distribution just to see where I am.

        I guess I was just looking for a measure of cause and effect, that seems to have eluded me at this advanced age (now 48).

        Thanks for the reply.



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          1. I try to always keep my carbs below 50g (Im a female though, you may be able to get away with a little more, I'm not sure)...but 150g daily tends to be more along the lines of sustaining..not losing. Also, check out fitday if you havent, its a really useful tool for figuring out your calories, grams and ratios of your daily food intake.
          2. Ah, protein isnt my area of expertise.
          3. While I haven't been active 20+ years...I have been losing weight and working out hardcore 5x a week religiously for the last 5 years...I stalled big time the last two years due to high grain/low-fat diet and while doing p90x/insanity as well...insanity gave me no real results either..but once I switched to PB the weight started coming off I'm going to say no, it doesn't matter if you've been active for 20+..once you change your diet to low-grain the weight should start to come off no matter what in my opinion...definitely slower then some peoples but it should still show a difference...thats why I think you need to cut your grains down a little more to start losing.
          4. My schedule since starting PB has been mostly this: 1x a week 20-30 HIIT, 1x a week 4 min tabata sprints or sprints at the park with the doggie, 2x-3x a week lifting heavy (I actually still use some p90x workouts for a guide...legs/back...shoulders/arms...shoulders/chest)..and I also walk 4-5 miles 4x a week.
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            I'm kind of in the same boat, as I was reasonably healthy prior to Primal, but I ate brown rice daily and indulged in the weekly pizza. My weight has stayed rock solid the last ten months. Actually probably eat more daily calories on Primal due to the fat, but am more active currently with the warmer weather. Did not sprint or walk daily until just a few months ago.

            My only goal is to see the lower abs, but I don't want to drop another 10 lbs to do so. I think my body is telling me something at this point, which is why my weight hasn't changed in so long.