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Nausea anyone?

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  • Nausea anyone?

    I have been eating primal for just a couple weeks and have experienced nausea often. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am not coming off of a horrible diet, I was eating virtually no processed foods or sugar. Any recommended remedies?

    ETA: I just realized that I started taking prenatal vitamins around the same time, could that be what is causing it? (Not pregnant yet, btw)
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    Vitamins have a long history of causing nausea in some people. It took me months of experimenting with different vitamins until I found one that didn't make me nauseous.

    The one I ended up with and still currently take:

    (The men's one, not the senior one)


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      I found I was feeling nauseous right before I went into ketosis.. Eating some more fruit and vegies seemed to help.

      Are you eating very low carb right now?


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        Often taking a vitamin on an empty stomach may cause nausea.

        I also experienced nausea if I got too close to ketosis.


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          I know that iron makes me nauseous... and most prenatals include iron. I can only take time-release iron if I have to.... just a thought...
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            I hadn't thought of the iron...that could be the culprit. I am not super low carb, trying to stay above 80-90g a day since I am not looking to lose weight at all, and I feel craptastic during my workouts if I have less. I heard a suggestion of taking vitamins before bed after dinner so that you essentially sleep through the nausea...anyone try that?
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              Yes, that could help. Prenatals are really rough on the stomach- or at least they were on mine. The brand never seemed to matter, nor did the iron content.


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                Yep, try taking them at night before bed. Or with food.
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                  This is interesting and maybe helpful:

                  There are actually symptoms to indicate your body is in ketosis and for most people this seems to occur a few days following a carbohydrate restrictive diet.

                  Symtoms may include:

                  Tiredness or fatigue
                  Feeling thirsty all the time
                  Bad breath
                  Metallic taste in the mouth
                  Nausea or stomach ache
                  Sleep problems

                  Do any of these sound familiar? The good news is ketosis symptoms usually last a few days up to a week until the body becomes used to burning fat as its primary fuel source instead of glucose.
                  I've been feeling nausea lately, I thought related to my fish oil intake (although I think it is still somewhat related), but I've been going a lot lower carb lately (had been sticking to the high end of Mark's maintenance range since I went primal this past fall) so I'm wondering if now I'm just in ketosis. I should get some ketostix to see if that's the case! And if so, I *hope* these symptoms really do go away quickly b/c I hate nausea and don't think I could deal w/ it long term!

                  Also, my sister had TERRIBLE nausea while taking the Rainbow Light prenatals. She switched to Garden of Life and feels a LOT better. Prenatal vitamins can totally cause nausea!

                  Good luck figuring it out and feeling better!
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                    It took me a while to get used to the high doses of fat in my system. Being a complete sheep who believed the NO FAT dogma religously, and then getting a bulk of my calories from coconut milk etc really made me feel ill for a while. After a couple weeks though, full of energy, and all good.

                    Hope you get better!
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