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    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I was last here, and 15 lbs more... ugh. But I was researching stuff about epilepsy last night when I read about the effectivness of the Ketogenic diet, which is basically like vlc.

    So, I researched that some more, and came across this website. In the section about safety it says that unless you're even slightly active, the diet is dangerous because there's nowhere for the ketones to go (I believe this is what leads to ketoacidosis? I don't know, I didn't look that up yet) so... they just float around in your body like spirits in purgatory (or monkeys in space!)... Is that right? I know that the ketones get secreted through breath and urine, but wouldn't that mean you'd have to just drink more water or something, or is it that not enough get secreted that way?

    Here's the article:

    Other than that possible misinformation and the fact that they don't seem to like using pronouns, it's a pretty good article.

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    Keep digging, you'll find better info on Ketogenic diets than a CW piece in an online Women's Health website. Ketoacidosis is rare, and simply does not occur in non-diabetics, active or not. Look into Dr Seyfried's work, just for starters:

    and listen to his interview with Jimmy Moore at Livin la Vida Low Carb. You can get more info on Ketogenic diets at Dr Eades' Protein Power blog among other critically science based blogs and websites.

    It is likely our ancestors a mere 300-350 generations ago were in ketosis the majority of their lives.


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      Thank you for the new (better) information!


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        You piss out extra ketones.
        .`.><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>
        ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>


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          No prob, just keep digging. It is good to read those articles that confirm any bias you have, but it is MORE important to read those that contest that bias! Ketosis (and the truly negative/dangerous condition keto-acidosis) are mis understood by the medical establishment in general, so it is easy to see how the media gets it wrong. There is simply nothing wrong or dangerous about ketosis. It is likely the healthiest way to fuel the brain, the heart, other organs and is vital to the prevention of cancer, various neurological problems and more.....

          Eade's is a smart guy.