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Do You Eat Raw Eggs?

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  • Do You Eat Raw Eggs?

    I am considering trying raw eggs - the whole thing raw...

    I ask you the following...

    Do you eat raw eggs? Just the yolk? Whites? Or the whole thing?

    Do you think it is healthier to eat eggs raw or cooked? Which part or the whole thing?

    Dr. Mercola who I sometimes love and sometimes hate says raw eggs are far superior. He of course eats almost all of his food raw...
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    Too much raw egg whites can cause biotin deficiency... there is also something in it that is a bit toxic... which is deactivated by cooking.

    I have heard nothing bad about raw yolks. I like them runny.

    I always cook the whites thoroughly.
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      I eat raw eggs occasionally. Usually not straight unless I get an odd craving for them. They're really good with a splash of hot sauce. Kind of like oysters.

      Typically I put raw eggs into my protein milkshake to thicken it up. It makes it more of a malt. I do this when making anything like ice cream. I'm typically guilty of sampling my raw meatloaf mixture before cooking it- which includes egg. Usually I cook my eggs though, just cuz they're so darn yummy that way.


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        I love raw egg in a protein shake, I did it this morning. I wouldn't be into actual raw eggs by themselves though. I like my cooked eggs to have pretty runny yolks, for instance if I'm doing "mashed up stuff w/eggs" I always add eggs last and stop cooking before all the yolks solidify.
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          no, cant stand the texture or the taste.


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            Biotin deficiency - Egg yolk is rich in biotin so at worst you just don't get the biotin.

            Safety - Like Mercola says, if they're free range there's not much of a problem. I did the SUPER AWESOME MERCOLA BREAKFAST for a little while and never had a problem with the eggs.

            nutrition - Err, I can't see them being superior and here's why. Only half of egg protein is able to be digested whereas 90% of cooked protein is . Sometimes I think Mercola can be a bit much with his extreme fear of everything that goes bump in the bite () and I don't really see much harm in cooking the egg yolk. Burning the shit out of it might not be as good as only cooking the whites and protecting the yolks from getting hard; that's what I do. Some vitamins may be lost but it's probably not much and I like them runny and on my steak or fish so that works out.

            So I'm indifferent. With the whole whey and raw eggs combo the whey takes care of the protein so I don't think it's all that important whether they're cooked or not. They're great either way.
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              Originally posted by earthspirit View Post
              no, cant stand the texture or the taste.
     eggs, but I can't do raw, it makes me gag.
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                Not a fan of raw eggs, but I like them sunny side up.

                I used to make egg nog and that always had raw eggs, but it also had a good dose of whiskey that helped that raw egg go down.

                In many Latin American countries, a raw egg in a glass of fresh grape juice is considered to be the first thing to take when you feel "something" coming on.
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                  I really like raw egg yolks...they were a bit hard to get used to at first, but that was when i used to eat them with cooked egg whites with salt and pepper. Then i decided to look at them as a "sweet" food rather than savoury, so i eat them with cream or coconut cream, and it's alot like eating custard


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                    Be sure to get local free range eggs to eat raw. The amount of salmonella in mass produced eggs is astounding. It is almost never present in "real" eggs.


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                      Only about half the protein is bioavailable.......which is fixed when cooked. I do eat raw egg on occasion but most 99% is cooked.
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                        1-2 raw egg yolks per day.


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                          Thank you everyone for your comments. I sometimes can't stand Mercola, but a lot of his stuff is great.

                          It seems as if eating raw eggs is completely unnecessary but is fine if you buy from a trusted local farmer.
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                            I had a raw egg in a smoothie on the weekend and I thought I was going to toss my cookies for a good 3 hours afterwards. Never again. The same thing happened I remembered, when I ate a slightly undercooked omelette in France one time.
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                              I eat between 2-6 raw eggs per day. mix them in a shake with raw milk straight from the cow, coconut oil, blueberrys and stevia. no problems at all after 5 months of doing it. Best energy food out there and great for building muscles and hormones

                              YOU MUST have access to good eggs though. Free range and roaming so they are eating grass and grubs...not mass fed.