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Chocolate makes your tummy feel better

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  • Chocolate makes your tummy feel better

    So yesterday I was experiencing nausea and for some inexplicable reason this compelled me to devour half an Easter chocolate bunny and the nausea went away almost immediately. (And no, it wasn't just all in my head or the post-chocolate euphoria, my stomach did actually feel a lot better.) So now I understand why Lupin made Harry eat some chocolate after the death eaters showed up on the train to Hogwarts, but does anyone know what it could have been in the chocolate that acted as an antineauseant?

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    Is there anything Professor Lupin can't do????
    Can't wait for the next movie.........

    Anyway, I usually like to reach for chocolate as well when I am not feeling all that hot. I have always just thought of it as a comfort thing. I don't really have anything else to contribute. Just wanted to comment because I can't resist either Harry Potter or chocolate
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      Next time, reach for some 90 - 100% dark chocolate so we can rule out the sugar.
      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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        Originally posted by Primalchild View Post
        Next time, reach for some 90 - 100% dark chocolate so we can rule out the sugar.
        I dunno..... there's still another chocolate bunny in my cupboard and it may just call my name again the next time I get nauseus! (As an aside, what part of "I'm 25 and I don't live at home anymore so please stop buying me Easter chocolate" does my mother not understand?)