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Pork Scratchings / Rinds (LOW CARBER)

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  • Pork Scratchings / Rinds (LOW CARBER)

    Holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me the breakdown of Pork Scratchings?!

    1.6 carbs per 100G. 600kcal for a 100g serving. 43g protein, and 20 something G fat.

    Goddamn?! Why aren't these god among food (next to bacon) for low carbers?

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    I for one cannot buy pork rinds here.

    I do however at some point want to make cracklings in the oven a-la Jamie Oliver.
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      I finally managed to find a store that still sells them (lucky me it is directly across the street). I remember in my past looking at them with disgust and now I buy them with pride!

      Ok, not with pride. That's a bit strong. I'm actually a bit embarrassed to buy them truth be told, because I know what everyone is thinking when they see that bag of fried fat in my hands. I try to distract everyone with my vibrams though.

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        Originally posted by pessimist View Post
        i try to distract everyone with my vibrams though.

        Feet or hands??? You can"t judge both!!!!!

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          Bolivar, if you look at low carb web sites there are recipes for using crush pork rinds for coating fish and other meats. There are also pork rinds you can cook in the microwave. I was looking at them on, but all the ones I could find had MSG in them and I can't handle that at all (and I doubt it is part of the primal plan).

          I like pork rinds, if I don't think too much about what they really are. Kind of like Rocky Mountain oysters.


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            yeh the ones on sale here have loads of additives. So does the jerky. Basically anything for sale in a plastic packet is crap.


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              Originally posted by Bolivar View Post
              Holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me the breakdown of Pork Scratchings?!

              1.6 carbs per 100G. 600kcal for a 100g serving. 43g protein, and 20 something G fat.

              Goddamn?! Why aren't these god among food (next to bacon) for low carbers?
              They are a great low carb snack, but don't count on them for much protein. The protein is pretty low quality and doesn't really amount to anything.

              Pork rinds generally contain 8 g of protein in a 14 g serving, more than most foods except dried meats such as jerky. The fat content of jerky, however, is much lower. Also, the quality of the protein in pork rinds, called hydrolyzed gelatin protein, is quite low. Because they have a protein efficiency ratio lower than 40% as dictated by the FDA, their nutrition label usually states "0%" in % Daily Value or "Not a significant source of protein" as recommended by the FDA. Microwaveable pork rinds are lower in fat than the deep-fried variety, with only 2 g of fat per 14 g serving and no saturated fat, although the sodium level may be as high as 350 mg per serving.


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                If you have trouble finding pork rinds, try a grocery store either more urban or closer to the Mexican population of your area--they are sometimes labeld "chicharrones"--and some stores carry them as a nod to the demographics of the area.

                Chicharrones can mean a number of things, though, far tastier or fresher than pork rinds in a plastic bag.

                Still--I can pork rinds far more easily in the less-fancy, more-urban, quite-Mexican Kroger, and not in the fancier suburban markets where I get the kefir and Greek yogurt and such.


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                  I *love* pork rinds and eat them almost daily as a snack. There are good quality chicharrones at a convenience store near my work so about once a week I load up, walking up to the register with four bags cradled in one arm and an unsweetened ice tea grasped in the other. I don't care what people think. TOTALLY satisfies any cravings for snacky carby crap.
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                    Anyone know where I can buy Chicharrones? My local wal-mart had them a couple of months ago but now don't. They have pork rinds, but not Chicharrones (waaay better).


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                      i love pork rinds covered in meaty tomato sauce. All the brands i can find are really salty tho


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                        Yeah, I find they make a good, very occasional snack. They're extremely satiating and definitely cure the munchies on a road trip or similar. Got a french fry craving? Try pork rinds.

                        BUT, I am suspicious of the preservatives, etc (as said above, anything packed in plastic for the masses...) so I only buy a bag once every 6 months or so.
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                          Make your own that way you know what's going on them


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                            I also used to look at them with utter disgust because CW had taught me that eating them would make you balloon up into the Blob, so I should get the deep fried potato instead obviously.

                            Anymore I love them, they are like bacon chips; however, I tend to mindlessly eat an entire bag whenever I get them so they end up being a treat every now and then for me.
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                              Here is Oz you can find them in the asian stores with just salt added so your local asian grocer may be worth a try if you can't find them anywhere else.
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