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How long does cooked steak last in fridge?

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  • How long does cooked steak last in fridge?

    I know I'll get lots of smart assed answers on this one, but seriously, I just found a nice chunk of grilled steak well wrapped in the fridge, and I really want to put it in the BAS I'm getting ready to eat. My husband is horrified.

    He cooked it 11 days ago on the grill. It smells fine, and I took a small nibble, and it tasted good. But... I dunno if I should.

    I googled this but all I could find about food safety was on raw meat.

    Does anyone know any food safety rules on this? I know it doesn't usually last that long, but hey, it's a fluke!
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    I wouldn't. If in doubt, throw it out.

    My guideline is 4 days. Less than that for fish.
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      Thank you - I know better safe than sorry, but man, I hate wasting it. Will go toss.... or maybe give to my cat.
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        11 days is pushing it. its surrounded by air which contributes to its wasting. i usually try to keep it for 3-4 days, even less...whatever i dont eat at night gets thrown into my eggs in the morning!


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          Good idea, Anton. I can't believe we forgot we had a nice steak in there!
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            is it green or furry? Does it still look and smell ok? If it still seems ok and you're gonna nuke it anyways, just nuke it a little longer than usual. I've done that with 2 week old stew and it was fine.
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              Not long at all if I'm around to eat it!


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                Originally posted by Daemonized View Post
                Not long at all if I'm around to eat it!
                Haha - I was going to say "usually a day, sometimes even less!"
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