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  • Meal Planning in Transition?

    Ack! I need some help!

    I have 3 kids at home, Hubby & myself. We are about to move but unfortunately we will be spending 1 month in a small 5th wheel trailer in front of my BIL's home before the new house is ready.

    Pluses are: he has a pool, which will be great for us all. There is a great hiking mountain nearby which will be a fun family hike. We will have bikes, and MIL lives several blocks away so we can ride over a visit with her.

    Downside: Cooking & eating.

    I really need some advice on how to keep it simple, yet healthy. I won't have much prep room but will be welcome to use BIL's kitchen.

    Everyone eats something different, especially for breakfast....for example bacon/eggs/omelets for DH & I, yogurt & granola (DD17), gluten free cereal/occasional yogurt (DD7) or Bagel (DS 14) ......everyone like something different unless it is sugar laden, they all love donuts . I don't want to let them slip into those convenience foods, and yet...I know I need some sort of convenience stuff to survive this 30 days!

    I need some ideas of what are simple easy portable foods to have on hand that need minimal amounts of cooking. I can use the oven in the house so I could precook chicken etc, to have on hand some lettuce wraps and salads....but I need more ideas? Crock pot ideas too maybe?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I already hear 'there is nothing to eat!' all the time....I anticipate that is going to get MUCH worse in the next month!