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Oooh, a new to me and Primal-approved snack

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  • Oooh, a new to me and Primal-approved snack

    This lifestyle has me appreciating much different tastes than I ever did before. For example, I've never cared for pickles unless they were sweet.

    But on a whim this weekend, I tried kosher dills straight out of the fridge and even with spicy brown mustard. Yum!

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    Yeah, I used to love bread and butter pickles....and they were fat free! so I ate them constantly. Now, they taste way too sweet for me and they are definitely not carb free. Good kosher dills or garlic pickles are much better!


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      you crack me up! That has been what I've been snacking on all week and I can't get enough. So crunchy and oh the vinegar and mustard....mmmmm
      In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. -- Albert Camus


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        I bet kosher dills with spicy mustard is delicious! I notice myself appreciating the flavors of fruits a lot more now that we are primal instead of just noticing the sweetness.

        My new favorite snack is fruit with lime juice, chili powder & salt.