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Good, inexpensive bacon?

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  • Good, inexpensive bacon?

    I don't eat bacon often, since I take most of my meals to work with me (and bacon is definitely not to-go friendly) so when I do cook it, it's "special." I want good bacon that tastes great and doesn't cost a fortune. My budget doesn't extend to Whole Foods or mail-order bacon. However, since I've been eating primal, I'm very aware of a "chemical" taste in bacon I previously enjoyed. Anybody have some suggestions on brands I might try that taste good, is budget-friendly, and is easily accessible at Costco, supermarket, Wal-Mart, etc? Or, if not specific brands, at least some things to pay attention to on the label? I just cooked up a big ol' passel of bacon that I used to enjoy, and... meh.

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    I know that Kroger carries a natural bacon that has no nitrates/nitrites, if you worried bout that. Currently I'm enjoying a brand called Wrights, its fairly thick sliced and IMO tastes really good.


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      I have trouble finding the 'thick' less expensive but still nitrate/nitrite free bacon around here. For the regular/thin stuff there is Coleman, and I even think Hormel makes a more natural option (not great, but improved). Price wise most of then seem to run between 4-6 dollars for 12 ounces....which is actually not much different then the whole foods meat dept bacon which I believe runs 7 dollars for 16 ounces if my memory serves me correctly.,article/
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        The best thing for cheap 'bacon' is to buy pork belly or shoulder and slow cook it. OK it's not really bacon but I just got back from Whole Foods with 4 pounds of pork shoulder for $3/pound (on sale). The regular price of $4/pound is still about half the price of bacon which is $7+ per pound.


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          Well, there is a nitrates-free bacon offering that costco sells that is normally pretty decent, but the last pack I bought tasted real suspect - so I'm off those.

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            if you have a trader joes, their applewood smoked uncured bacon is pretty awesome and fairly affordable.


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              Wrights is very good, and that's who I usually buy. They have sugar in their cure, but my city is shit and doesn't sell bacon without sugar / nitrites


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                Originally posted by moonablaze View Post
                if you have a trader joes, their applewood smoked uncured bacon is pretty awesome and fairly affordable.

                Around $3.99 a package, and very good..... I find that I have to have a smoked bacon. alot of the nitrate free bacons are uncured and not smoked and I just don't like it as well.... We are getting our first tomatoes here out of our garden, and I really enjoyed it with crispy bacon wrapped in a crispy fresh romain lettuce leaf. YUMMYx 10