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    Sorry guys! I accidently posted this in the primal journal forum section, lol. My bad. Anyway, here's my previous post

    Hey guys what's up? So I'm new here and I was hopin that you would giv some advice. So I've read a lot about the primal/paleo lifestyle and it really fascinates me. I've kinda let myself go jus bit, I've been eatin a great deal of carbs and trash, and I'm definitely not as active as I should b. The problem has been that I'm really spontaneous and hate regimens, which is really why this program appealed to me. So I was thinking that I would adopt a primal like eatin style: which I understand to be lots of lean proteins, lots of vegetables, some fruit, and fats including nuts; if this is wrong please correct. I also thought that I would do crossfit as my workout, combined with increased outdoor activity. Please tell me what you think, and I'm open to any advice you can giv me. Thanks

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    It sounds like you know what you want. The more knowledge of yourself and of how you can manipulate particular variables to best suit your goals, the better. My best advice is to read read read read read, and listen. Mark's blog is one of the best, there are other good blogs, and a lot of people on these forums and other forums have some great knowledge. If you like crossfit and haven't heard Robb Wolf's podcasts that's definitely a good place to check out.
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      Thanks man. I'd read so much on this website before joinin the forum. And I definitely think that I know what I want and I really believe that this can help me reach my goal!