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  • Ground beef meals

    Just starting out with ground beef... got my first simple recipe from marks new cookbook. But I want a couple of dishes for to choose from. What ground beef dishes do you guys do?
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    lazy - brown the beef and add a jar of Paul Newman's Bolognese sauce.

    or, assd fine-chopped veggies, can of organic tomatoes, bit of basil, oregano, garlic.

    or, load of sliced mushrooms, some beef stock, garlic


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      How about a nice primal potato?

      How bad is pouring an entire bag of sugar on your ground beef, REALLY?

      Sugar is gluten free, maybe not the most paleo thing, but if grok didn't evolve to become midlevel managment type at a sugar refinery, do you really think that he wouldn't have had as much sex with as many fat girls as he could, because evolution, and I like potatos.


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        I like making tacos, just using cabbage for the shells. Thats what we're having tonight for supper!
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          Kind of like a lazy taco, I just put ground beef on top of my salad and some cheese and some salsa.


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            Make patties
            .`.><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>
            ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>


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              Meatballs! Add fresh/dried herbs, garlic and/or onion, finely chopped greens if you want, finely chopped nuts or parmesian cheese (opt), salt pepper, an egg. Mold into balls - you can bake them in a 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes (really BIG meatballs may take 30).....Delicious. I don't use marinara sauce. I top with parmesian cheese or just olive oil or coconut oil, himallayan sea salt and pepper. Yum!!

              I do this more with ground turkey, but of course, even more rich with ground beef!


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                Last night, I had bunless burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions and a big spinach salad.

                Other ideas:

                Ground beef curry (You can use other veggies -- cauliflower and carrots are good, or bell peppers if you do nightshades -- instead of sweet potatoes if you want to go lower carb.)

                Primal Hamburger Casserole
                (Not really a casserole in form, but has those flavors.)

                I also like to use lots of ground beef and hot sausage to make spaghetti sauce (serve plain or with spaghetti squash instead of pasta) or primal chili (no beans, just lots of heat and meat).
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                  Funny that my gfs name is jade and went to a fancy dress lastnight dresses as barbygirl.

                  Anyways I'm liking the meatballs meal and Ground beef curry. Thank you.
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                    I like to make a taco salad with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, onions, mushrooms, and some hot sauce...


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                      Not too many of us Jade's around. Can't speak for Barbeygirls, tho.......

                      Hope you make the meatballs - they are great!!!! Drizzle with olive oil before putting in the oven.



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                        Meat sauce!

                        Ground meat, onions, carrots, celery, canned tomatoes and anything else really thrown into a pot and simmered with some wine, lots of garlic, salt and pepper...

                        Before I went primal I'd eat bowls of tomato sauce before they even hit the pasta.
                        These days I end up having it more like a bowl of stew or over veggies (spaghetti squash, anyone?)


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                          Originally posted by rphlslv View Post
                          Make patties
                          Usually several small ones but on those really special occasions, just one big burger. Variety is the spice of life!
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                            Taco salad, meatloaf, burgers, meatballs, shepards pie (could use the cauli mash instead of potato), jerky (not a meal, but yummy), meat sauce, hamburger flip overs (patty burger add olives in the middle, fold over add cheese to top cooked in oven pour tomato sauce over), that's it off the top of my head.


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