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  • Newbie question about IF

    Hey guys,

    This might be a rather stupid question, but........I have not yet started IFing at all and I was curious whether during that time, you are expected to feel hungry or is it a state in which somehow you are not very hungry? Just trying to prepare myself for what to expect...I'm envisioning a period of time filled with no food and stomach grumbling telling me to eat, with me willing myself to not eat (obviously doesn't sound too appealing). I've been primal for a short while now and things are going great, but wanted feedback from some of you who have experience with IF and can tell me what I should expect.

    Many thanks to everyone...I look forward to hearing what you've got to say!

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    If you're in ketosis from a couple weeks of very low carb eating, then IFing will be much easier. Just from personal experience, I will not fast unless I am pissing ketones. We had a similar thread here last week and a bunch of us IFers all advised the newbie NOT to fast yet. Get with the primal blueprint first. Get your body burning fat for fuel. Find out if you have to deal with carb flu or other addiction symptoms, then, with all systems go, start intermittent fasting. You say you've been primal for awhile. That could mean many things, so I thought I would qualify my opinion on starting IFing.

    More directly to your concerns, sure your stomach will grumble some. It takes a little conditioning, mostly physical, but some psychological too. Cravings and hunger can both spawn stomach noises, but only hunger needs to be fed. If you're used to burning carbs as glucose, you may feel starved from the cravings while fasting. If that happens, then eat. There's no reason to torture yourself. Just eat very low carb and try again. Eventually you will be keto adapted making short fasts easier. Some people jump right in to one meal a day at 22-24 hour fasts. Others work their way up by skipping one meal first for awhile, then skipping the other.

    I skip all of them every couple of days, but I have a few pizzas stored around my belly to eat/catabolize.


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      Thanks so much, Grol for that very informative and quick response...I appreciate the help. All other opinions are gladly welcome!


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        I IF almost everyday, eating only dinner.

        It wasn't easy at first, even though I only started IF'ing 1 year after strict paleo low carb. Yup, I haven't touch any form of refined sugar or carbs for more than 1.5 years.

        You will get hungry, but the type of hunger you will experience depends on how adapted your body is to run on stored fat.

        If you're a newbie, the type of hunger tends to be the gnawing, demanding type. It compels you to reach for something to eat.

        If you're an efficient fat burner, it's blunt and never overpowering. It's easy to overlook it especially if you keep your mind on something else. You will also notice your brain functions more efficiently. You'll be more alert and quicker in your thought processes.

        Physically, I always workout fasted in the mornings. Nothing at all goes into my mouth before I exercise. And nothing after until dinner time. Been this way for the last year. Strength and muscle gains are consistent. I'm almost never short of energy for >90% effort, anaerobic type exercises (that's all I do), unless I suffer from sleep depravation.

        I consider IF'ing as an important tool for me to finding out what true hunger is, making my body run extremely efficiently on stored fat, and bringing my body fat composition down to from around 15% to 10%.

        My 2 cents...