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    So I am just bouncing this off the forum to see if I need to fine tune my current plan.

    I spent years in chronic pain and just getting by. Now that I have 'fixed' that by removing grains and lowering sugars, I really want to work towards a new level of fitness/body composition.

    I am currently 111 lbs, 5 foot 1 inch tall, and maybe around 18-20% body fat (doc office scale said 17.9% a couple weeks ago while fasting, not sure how accurate that is...I have been measured at 23% at a lower weight before).

    My goal right now is to work my way down to about 14-15% body fat and improve my muscle tone. Nothing drastic, but as I have gotten older my bum and thighs have become more of a storage depot and would like to fix that. I might seem small at 111 lbs, but I am fairly teeny, so just a couple pounds makes a big difference in what I can wear.

    I have been low carb to mild carb for the last few years, but for the last 10-12 weeks have been very consistently primal. My carbs usually average between 30-60g, my only 'cheats' are really just some red wine once a week and occasional dark chocolate.

    I have not lost any weight in the last 8 weeks, but I can tell I am gaining muscle so I have tried to not worry too much. But at the same time, seems like my 'bum' is stuck in its current state. Seems like in the last few years its harder and harder to lose those last few lbs.

    My calories are usually around 1100-1400 a day, with 60% fat, 10% carbs (on a high day), and 30% protein.

    A typical day of food is usually as follows:
    BF - 2 Eggs and bacon, cultured butter, maybe a bit of cheese on occasion, sometimes cut up veggies in my eggs. I drink one cup of coffee with cream about 3-4 days a week, sometimes yerba mate.
    Lunch - Tend to skip this meal a lot, but if I do eat usually its a salad or leftovers
    Dinner - Usually 2 veggies (asparagus, salad, zucchini, raw veggies, etc), and often a grilled meat (wild deer and elk being most common).
    Snacks - Maybe once every other day I will have a snack, like full fat plain yogurt, or dried elk jerky, or coconut milk with cocoa and vanilla, or dark chocolate nib

    Exercise is as follows:
    -Hiking 3-6 miles at a fast pace with elevation climbs two to three times a week, with usually some sprints or trail running included
    -Rock climbing one to two times a week
    -Constant moving...housework, yardwork, walking

    Should I just be patient and give this more time and as I tone up eventually the bum will shrink......or do I need to fine tune a bit? I have been thinking about including more IF, I might skip breakfast once every 2 weeks now, and lunch several days a week, but no 24 hour fasts right now. My hunger has been really low lately, some days I worry I am not getting enough calories and might be slowing my metabolism down.

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