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Trying to increase energy level and reduce BF

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  • Trying to increase energy level and reduce BF

    My BF is between 10 to 12%. I have doubled my good fat intake from 50 to 85g a day to 100 to 130g a day to increase my energy. Haven’t noticed any more energy, though. Carb intake is between 40g to 60g daily ( tells me this). Protein is between 100g to 130g daily. Crossfit twice a week. In my mid fifties. Would reloading carbs a couple times a week make a difference in my energy level?
    Been eating more starch such as sweet potatoes and squash (about 1/2 c a day). Notice puffy look around stomach area. Like to reduce BF to 8%.

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    Fat should be close to 70%. For me at 162 lbs and about 2400 cals, that's 170g.


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      Yes, I'd bump the fat up. I eat upwards of 150g daily and I'm female, 5'3", and 115 lbs (very fit and active, tho). If that still doesn't work, you could try adding half a sweet potato or plantain post-workout on Crossfit days -- but remember that it's a tradeoff, energy for fat burning, as your body will burn the carbs preferentially.
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        What carbs are you eating? What is your vegetable intake like? I'm not so sure about
        eating the sweet potatoes/squash as often as once a day... maybe you could eat that
        only after a hard workout and get better results.

        Speaking from my own experience: I recently increased my avocado intake, and I've
        already been eating about 16oz of organic coconut butter per week, by itself, in the
        morning and whenever I'm hungry between meals.

        In addition to this, *and* in addition to all the vegetables I eat at lunch and dinner,
        I recently discovered "Amazing Grass GREEN SuperFood" green powder. You can
        probably find it at any health food store. There is no sugar in it, and the 4g carbs
        are composed of 2g fiber. In any case, it has given me the most incredible energy in my adult life.
        Bordering on kid-like energy levels.

        It doesn't taste bad at all either, I can mix it in water or my protein smoothie and be


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          took me 6+ weeks to finally have the energy breakthrough, how long have you been doing it?
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            3 months ago I increased my fat intake from 60g a day to 130g a day. This was under the premise that the increase would improve energy level! Worked for a week. Not working since. Wonder if I did something else too encourage more energy in myself (ate something to increase energy along with more good fats).


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              Coconut oil/milk is awesome and very calorie dense. If you would like to get down to such a low body fat % then carb cycling sounds like a good idea.
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