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    hi everybody

    i've started my primal journey sometime april this year. i've pretty much stopped eating grains, wheat and starchy vegetables... and do not feel the least guilty over eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. i have since lost about an inch or so from my waist, feel little or no bloating and stabilised my weight at 120 lbs.

    i have been reading several threads here saying to increase fat intake. i have increased mine from 50% to 70-80%. my question is, do i have to count my caloric intake? according to fitday, i consume between 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

    i'm only 5'3... so should i be curbing my overall intake?


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    That depends. As Robb Wolf often says, "How do you look, feel, and perform?" As long as all three of those things are going good, then you have no problem and should continue to eat that amount with reckless abandon!

    Notice: that list does NOT include how much you weigh. If you're following an appropriate "lift heavy things" program, chances are you'll gain some weight while still leaning out (judging by your current stats). Now, if you start slipping in one of the three categories, and want to change that, it might be a good idea to start counting again and play around with your ratios a bit, possibly reducing total caloric intake.

    Good luck!


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      I used fitday a few times once going primal and the ratios all looked okay. My biggest concern was acuaracy. I dont measure my food when I cook it and I consume all the cooking fat, so I dont know how accurate the numbers end up being.


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        At 5'3", 2000 calories sounds like a lot for weight loss. 1600 or less sounds right. I'm a 5' 11", 162 lb male and 2200 calories per day keep me at the same weight. That's with sprinting 1x a week and weightlifting 3x a week.


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          @funkadelic: I do feel great. Definitely better than when I stuffed myself with bread, rice and noodles. I can say no to sweets and cakes now and don't feel guilty eating. The only reason I tried primal eating was because I felt unhappy with myself and my body after having a baby. I resolved that I would be happy with myself by the time I turn 32 (in a few months) and I think I am getting there. I noticed that I haven't put on any weight since I've started and gained my muscles back. I'm hoping that eventually, the jelly belly would melt away (but probably not if I keep up with my current intake lol!)

          @meatme216: I have been measuring my food (getting a bit weary)... but mainly use it to check my ratios.

          @RezH: It did seem to me that I was eating a lot (maybe because I am). I have tried keeping my intake to about 1300 to 1700 cals but still felt hungry, and made everyone around me miserable (me cranky is not good). Or maybe I just love eating too much? However, like I said, I don't seem to be putting on extra weight (touch wood), just not shedding the fatty bits.

          I do walk about 2 - 3 miles a day with the occasional sprints. Also, I work part-time and my job requires me to be on my feet all day and lugging around books and boxes.