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Grass fed beef tenderloin!!!

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  • Grass fed beef tenderloin!!!

    Just a tip...If anyone lives close to a Shop-Rite, they are currently having a sale until Saturday on Australian Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin (Fillet Mignon). Price is $4.99 per pound. I picked one up yesterday. They even cut it up for you right there!! I got around 6 pounds for $30.00. They cut it up into nice steaks. I have around 14-16 nice fillet mignon steaks. Had 1 tonight......Awesome!

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    Yeh, I also picked up some. I work there so I had the butchers take care of it for me . Bought about 13 pounds of it hehe. Also this week they have Australian grass-fed boneless ribeyes for $4.99/lb, so getting me a few of those. Just out of curiosity what Shoprite do you go to cause I see you're location is set in NY and I work at one on Staten Island.


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      those prices sound damn good if I am getting my conversions right... in nz I am paying over $30NZD (and in fact closer to $40) per kilo of eye fillet. I dont begrudge paying for good meat though but it strikes me that our meat is quite expensive somettimes.