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flax seed(s/oil) for omega 3?

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  • flax seed(s/oil) for omega 3?

    Are flax seeds or is flax seed oil just as good for getting extra omega 3 as fish oil? And how about cod liver drops?

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    Alright, searching on cod liver drops made me realize that that isn't a good option. But I'm still wondering about flax seeds, prefer to mix those in with my meals instead of taking pills.


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      Nope they definitely aren't a good source. Flax has to be converted to animal-based omega 3 and the conversion is downright puny.

      I also hate pills. There is fish oil available in liquid form that would possibly be a better choice.
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        Thanks, I've been looking into fish oil supplements in dutch webstores and I was wondering what ratio EPA: DHA would be best or doesn't that matter?


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          Stabby's right.....plant omega 3's aren't converted efficiently by the body. Saying that......when a persons omega balance is closer to a 1:1 then the competing pathway works much more efficiently. The two pathways of n:3's and n:6 use the same delta 6 desaturase pathway and if one omega is more dominant than the other then the other will suffer conversion as seen in the n:6 to n:3 balance in the SAD diet.....but direct consumption of EPA and DHA from marine foods are really the only way to go.

          Plant omega 3's are basically ALA found in flax/walnuts/pecans/green leafy veg and many many more places and also found in the omega profiles of animals like beef and chicken need to be elongated into EPA and then elongated further to DHA for the body to use them properly for modulating cell signals, gene expression and inflammatory processes. And flax oil just isn't going to get converted to EPA very well let alone getting elongated further to DHA.
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            I found a reliably brand called royal green which has fish oil caps with 530mg EPA, 160mg DHA and 100 mg of other omega 3's. I was wondering if this is enough DHA compared to EPA because the pills from primal nutrition have a higher DHA ratio than these. The same brand also has algea oil caps with 100% DHA (200mg). So I was thinking about buying both and always taking them together for more DHA.
            But basically my question is still: What should be the ratio of EPA compared to DHA or doesn't this matter?