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  • Larabars

    What is everyone's take on these bad boys? They are essentially dates and nuts.

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    High in sugar, a little high in omega-6, but primal and much better than many other "bars" that you find in grocery stores.

    If you're not looking to lose weight, one or two won't kill you.


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      I agree that Larabars are better than most other commerical "energy" food products. I consider them too high in fruit sugars for frequent consumption, but convenient to carry for a very active day of endurance racing or strenuous hiking. Even then, I rarely unwrap one -- usually good jerky and some nuts with flaked coconut are plenty.
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        I have been using them on long hilly bike rides lately so I don't have the Carb bonk I went through a couple of months ago on a hilly ride but do not touch them as daily use like a dessert or something. I try to keep under 30 carbs a day most days except biking days.


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          Nice to have around in case of "emergency", but I rarely eat them anymore. I probably average 1-2 a month if that. Whole fruit tastes better and has less downsides imo.


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            The forum has a handy search feature that actually works. Here's a few previous discussions that may be of interest.