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  • Organic Dilemma

    Hello all, I am a newcomer to these boards and the primal way of life in general and have been avidly reading all the articles on MDA that I possibly can.

    I have a few concerns about shifting to a full primal diet if I cannot afford the highest quality ingredients. I have a limited income and so I cannot purchase organic/grassfed meat products. Will the overconsumption of the inferior meat have adverse effects that may counteract the benefits of going primal? I should be getting a much better job than I have now in April (damn NYC economy) and so will be able to switch to much higher quality meats but until then I'm stuck with generic store brands.

    Also I know this probably a long shot but does anyone know where I can purchase grass fed beef / free range chicken in the Staten Island area of New York City? Preferably without venturing too far into Brooklyn/Manhattan/Jersey, but if it's cheap I'll check it out! Thanks.

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    Do your best.
    I eat grain fed beef all the time. I also cut out chicken (high omega 6) and eat fish 3-4 times a week. I supplement omega 3 too. I buy some veggies organic and some I don't worry about.
    Good thread here.


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      For me, personally, since I've had some problems with hormonal imbalances in the past, I find that I'd rather buy organic/natural meat/dairy and conventional produce, because I think that my body reacts adversely (specifically, my skin breaks out a lot) to the hormones that they give to conventionally raised animals.
      If you don't have such problems though, I'd say it's a toss up.
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        I am a fitness instructor & DH is a grad student so our budget is limited too. We did a lot of research & found a farm that has cheap grass fed beef. Try visiting lots of farmers markets and see what the vendors have. We get other organic meats when they are on sale and put them in the freezer. As far as fruits & veggies go, we researched what fruits/veggies are important to get organic (typically ones where you eat the skin) and which ones are ok to get regular.

        Most importantly, it is possible to eat primal on a budget if you are smart about how you shop. Planning our meals at the beginning of the week (based off of sales) and only getting whats on the list helps tremendously.