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  • CSA Programs?

    So I think I finally found a way to get vegetables and meat that are not full of disgusting crap: joining a CSA program.

    I had never researched these and have been exchanging emails with one just outside of my city and it sounds like a really good deal.

    Have any of you ever utilized one of these programs? What was your experience like?

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    Please support your local CSAs. I don't have one available, but I sure miss the two I used to have.

    My first experience was great. I grew avocados, tomatoes, onions, and peppers for the CSA, so I got everything else for free and that included fresh free range eggs and raw milk. My second experience was also great. I was just a paying customer. Pick ups were every Thursday between 12-5; or you could catch them the next morning at a farmer's market between 7-9. There's generally a few price options available. Pay for the season up front, get a big discount. Pay monthly or weekly installments. Pay for a full share or a half share. Some have dairy added pricing, so don't have the option. Some even raise and lower pricing by income levels of the customers. If you're fortunate enough to live in an area with a more than one, shop them and get the one that grows more of what you use. My biggest issue even on a prepaid half share was not being able to eat it all.


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      OK, so what does CSA stand for?


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        Community Supported Agriculture

        I want to join one too - but none of the ones near me will call me back. Apparently they are quite popular and don't need my business! I do utilize the farmer's market and my local co-op - I find I can get many local tasty foods that way.


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          I've done two different CSAs and I really enjoyed them. The first was one that delivered directly to my door. And I was able to choose from organic, or local organic (within the Pac NW) which was awesome. Then I did one where we went to the farm everyday and got to pick out our own weekly offerings, as well as get fresh eggs. They really help you try new things. Now that the farmers markets are open, I am using them so I can have more control of what I get. May go back to CSA in the winter but we'll see. If you have one available, use it! It's awesome to have local, fresh veggies every week!


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            CSA=a weekly bushel of awesome.


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              just picked up my second csa share today i think its awesome. we go out to the farm and pick it up weekly, i get a sample share instead of a full share. this week i got carrots, asparagus, dandelion, radishes, kale, spinach, apples and a couple other random bunches of greens. they also have lots of other organically grown veggies, greens and herbs for sale at the farm. its fun learning new recipes and thinking up new ways to cook it all. i highly suggest it!


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                I utilize one of these! It's a great way to incorporate fresh, local and varied produce into your diet. I absolutely love it and I love that it makes me explore new recipes based on what's in the box. It's how I discovered that I love beet green fritattas.


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                  Jonh durant blogged about it here.

                  To be honest, I am quite jaleous. I wish I had access to something like that.
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                    Thanks for the great info guys. I am going to sign up for a full share with this farm and split it half and half with a friend.

                    I'm pretty excited now...


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                      My CSA just started last weekend! They didn't have any where I lived before (except one where you had to work once a month - I don't have that sort of time) and I didn't think about it until it was too late last year.

                      I pick mine up from the farm on Saturdays (cheaper than getting it delivered). This week I got kale, lettuce, onions, parsnips, broccoli, garlic scapes, basil, and some random salad greens I don't recognize (the sign said "arugula" but it definitely isn't). In this part of the country it's still fairly boring right now, lots of greens and stuffed that was stored over the winter, but I'm looking forward to later in the season... can't wait for tomatoes!

                      I've also got the option to add eggs, bread, fruit, or pork shares... but they end up being too pricey for me. There's a beef CSA that I looked at before, but it's really no cheaper than the farmer's market prices from what I can tell.

                      There's a guy coming to the farm this week to sell mushrooms, and apparently in the future we can order them and get them delivered to the farm with our veggies... I'll probably take advantage of that!
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                        I did the local CSA for 2 years, just veggies. I am lucky enough now to have the free time to go to different farm/markets and get my prodcue and meat and I tihnk i get more bang for my buck that way. I would still like to volunteer at the CSA pickup tho, mainly to pick up chicks.


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                          Originally posted by MeatMe216 View Post
                          I would still like to volunteer at the CSA pickup tho, mainly to pick up chicks.
                          Ohh that is so nice that you would take time to look after all of those little hens and roosters. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!
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                            i do what i can


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                              I read about CSAs but nothing was close to me. So, I arranged a CSA of one with a local guy at the farmer's market that opens every Wednesday in my town. I made a deal to pay a regular fee for a regular order. Sort of arranged to be a guaranteed customer for a discount in price.

                              He is now considering seeking more CSA type customers with ads in the small community paper.

                              Point is----strike up a deal with a local farmer or farmer's market vendor. You will be surprised at the deals and discounts you can get if you only ask for them. Not just with farmers, but anywhere.
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