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    I just wanted to raise people's awareness of the BBC TV Series "Doctor in the House" for anyone that might be interested.
    Last night's episode saw the doctor (Dr Rangan Chatterjee) visit an overweight family, diagnose the mother with Type 2 diabetes, then tell her he wanted to address the issue with diet, ie without medication, first.

    He then threw out all their crap food (focus on cereal and bread) and put them on a Primal diet (unnamed). He told them to eat good quality meat, fish, eggs, veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds. They all lost weight amazingly over 6 weeks and the Type 2 diabetes was reversed.

    Good watch and many props to the good doc...doing that on mainstream TV and in the mainstream NHS is a true wonder.

    No link but available online with a simple search, I'm sure...

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    BBC One - Doctor in the House
    Unfortunately, if you live outside UK, you can't watch the 3 available episodes.
    The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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      Aaah...sometimes we just like to keep the good stuff to ourselves.
      It is very current, so in time I'm sure will be made available.

      The main point for me is that every medical doctor with a public profile, that knows what they are talking about on nutrition, has a small but significant impact on public perception...small steps. We have afew here in the UK now: Dr Chaterjee, Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr John Briffa are my favourite 3...


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        I am sure it will find its way to the US. Or not because it makes too much sense lol

        Just joking. I am sure we will get it here. It sounds like a very interesting show.

        Thanks for sharing!


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          It is very current, so in time I'm sure will be made available.