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  • Greek yogurt question

    I bought some Greek yogurt from Walmart. The brand is Stonyfield Organic Oikos plain Greek yogurt. Well I bought plain thinking it would be tasty and I had to add some sweet n low. Is there a better brand and can you have the flavored kind? Also, should you consume it as a treat or often if you are cutting weight?

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    I eat 2% Fage a couple times a week. I buy the plain kind and add cinnamon to it, maybe some chopped nuts like pecans, and in the case of tonight.... strawberries.

    How long have you been on the primal diet? I can't imagine sweet n low tasting good at all if you have been on it for any period of time.

    Reading marks books, searching the forums for the word "Yogurt", searching the main site for the word "Yogurt", searching the forum for the word "carb", searching the main website for the word "carb" will all point you in directions to answer your questions.

    The reasoning being that flavored yogurt -> carbs -> how many carbs do you want? Can you tolerate dairy?

    Really, no one can decide how often to eat yogurt better than you can.

    edit: I realize this post comes off as kind of dickish, so let me add a few points and clarify.

    1. Stay away from sweet n low. IF you have to add sugar, please try honey or agave nectar.
    2. Stay away from flavored versions if you are trying to lose weight
    3. Consume it as a treat unless you are fit, know how many carbs you want, and can tolerate dairy.
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      I second the Fage suggestion but not sure about the 2%... the one I get has 10% fat. I have studied labels on all the greek yogs I could find (both organic and not) and Fage had the lowest carbs and the highest protein of them all. I have it maybe every 2 - 3 days with some berries for my breakfast. I am still loosing weight so I'd say it would be fine to eat while trying to loose weight.


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        Make sure when you are buying yogurt that you are seeking out Full Fat - Fage TOTAL is what you want. all other lighter versions have added sugar to them.


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          I cannot find a single store in my city that contains anything besides 2% Fage

          I have looked EVERYWHERE.


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            Thanks! I have been PB for 3 months but Low carb for 2 years. I think I was just surprised at the taste of Greek yogurt. Thanks for the help. I got my PB book today so I'll take a look at that section.


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              I believe the Oikos is 0% fat. I was going to buy some today at WalMart and decided against it. Our Kroger carries The Greek Gods brand and it contains 9-10% milkfat. From what I can tell it's not organic, but I'd rather have this than not. In one 4oz serving it contains 11g fat and 5g of carbs. I love it plain...almost like a tart cheesecake. My sister buys the honey flavored and it's really good, but super sweet and not good for my diet. You can add some berries (I personally like them frozen) and just a touch of honey to sweeten. I also use this as a base for yogurt when I make it.


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                Publix doesn't carry anything more than 2% Fage and low fat Greek Yogurt.

                Walmart doesn't carry anything but 0% and fatfree.

                I am so depressed that my Fage addiction is for the inferior stuff.


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                  If you are in texas pick up a jar of Bulgarian Yogurt. Don't remember the brand name but its the only giant jar of bulgarian yogurt you can find. Its made in Austin i believe.. Its amazing.


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                    So Rivven... Here's what I'd do... Walk into your local market with your AMAZING before and afters!

                    point to the before... and say, this is me on non fat, sugared up yogart... and then point to current bod... and this is me on full fat yogart... CAN YOU PLEASE CARRY FAGE TOTAL???

                    Our Wholefoods carries total (the big buckets), so they company can get it.... Good luck!!!


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                      So I've looked at Fage Total's website and Chobani's website, the only two brands here where I live, and both of them top out at 2% in their available products.

                      I'm not sure how you guys are finding anything more than 2%.



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                        It is absolutely not true that lighter versions have added sugar. I get 2% usually because it's mostly what I can find. It has basically the same ingredients as the Total and has 8g carbs per serving as opposed to 6g -- big deal. And it has more protein. Also, it's 130 calories vs. 260 calories, which enables me to add some nuts without racking up a ton of calories, and I find it more satisfying that way.


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                          I found Fage Total at a few specialty grocers like the Fresh Market, and Bloom Grocery, but I am in the SE United States......


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                            Originally posted by PrincessGrok View Post
                            I found Fage Total at a few specialty grocers like the Fresh Market, and Bloom Grocery, but I am in the SE United States......
                            I've seen Fage Total at Bristol Farms in Southern California.
                            Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


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                              I just pulled my carton of Fage Total out and it has 20gm fat, 14gm protein, and 6 gms of carbs all of which are listed as "sugar." Now, this is not added sugar, it is natural sugar (lactose) in the milk.
                              I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.