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About How Many Calories of Coconut Do You Consume A Day?

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  • About How Many Calories of Coconut Do You Consume A Day?

    So many different types of coconut and most of us love them all...

    ABOUT, how many calories of coconut do you consume in a single day?

    I am very curious... I remember one guy saying he consumes 500-2000 a day!!
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    I only have about 100 calories worth of coconut milk in my coffee in the mornings. It's a tad pricey so I use tallow, butter or olive oil for cooking. Sometimes it's more if I'm making something with coconut flour. Thinking of making coconut milk ice cream soon. That should up my intake.


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      I make my own coconut milk from cheap creamed coconut blocks. I get through one block every 2-3 days and theres about 1300kcals in one so quite alot, not to mention other fats and coconut oil lol

      I feel like its too much, and CW still makes me feel a bit guilty

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        You guys must be on the low end...
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          i dunno, maybe 500 calories worth of coconut oil per day

          i eat macadamia nuts, almonds and cashews at the same time as the coconut oil and man does that taste good, so much delicious fat


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            I have about 500 calories of coconut oil each day.


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              At least 700 calories of coconut milk, though more if I have flakes or cook in the oil.
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                Although I partake of the milk and flour off-and-on, coconut oil is truly a staple of my diet; I have it pretty much at every meal. I'd say anywhere between 500-1000 calories a day in coconut oil.


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                  Never really kept track, but probably 400-600 calories per day since I now use coconut milk exclusively in place of cow's milk.