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  • Frying

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    Animal fats or anything saturated like coconut oil, ghee etc.

    I prob use my frying pan everyday but don't do much high temperature cooking.

    High temperature frying isn't your best bet when cooking because of all the AGEs and other carcinogens that can be created. It might also be damaging to the foods depending on how long you go for. Sauteing, steaming, or anything with water in it (like broiling, stews etc) wouldn't have this problem and keeping the temperature under 100 celcius too is an idea. Grilling and frying has been implicated in disease so I wouldn't do it too often.

    But don't get too paranoid about it because the antioxidants and fibre from your primal foods would be protective. Using spices and herbs can also help.
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      I fry almost every day, because it suits the foods I choose to eat.

      It is true that high heat cooking can oxidse oils and create things you wouldn't want to eat, but that is avoidable. Fry on a low heat - if the oil you are using is turning brown at all you are frying too hot.

      Don't use a teflon coated pan - teflon has been implicated in a few health problems, and if you're cooking at a low enough temparature, you won't have as many problems with sticking. Ideally use a cast iron frying pan, they are expensive, but will last a lifetime, possibly several lifetimes. Naturally non stick, and free of any undesirable chemicals.

      Poster above said it all on oils. Animal fats, coconut oil, or ghee are ideal, however butter is fine if you tolerate dairy well, and olive oil can be used in a pinch. Obviously vegetable / sunflower oil is a terrible idea.
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        I "fry" just about everyday too. But, its not your typically "frying". I only use coconut oil or animal fat and cook at low to medium heat.
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          I also fry daily - coconut oil and meat drippings are my favoured fats. Love the flavours it produces...


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            You don't have to worry about cooking eggs and organ meats at high(er) heat. I cook eggs almost everyday in olive oil.


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              I cook with a fry pan most of the time.

              Buy a good cast iron fry pan. Use animal fat preferably or else butter, ghee, or coconut oil if you don't have fat. You don't have to clean the fry pan everyday. Just re use the fat from the last thing you cooked. Also, you can drain of used fat while its still liquid and store it for later use.
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                Originally posted by ChrisJ View Post
                Ideally use a cast iron frying pan, they are expensive, but will last a lifetime, possibly several lifetimes. Naturally non stick, and free of any undesirable chemicals.
                I can vouch for this! I've inherited my grandmother's cast-iron dutch oven that she used to prepare meals during the great depression. Now I use it to prepare nearly every single one of my meals in the great depression of my life known as "college". It works perfectly for any dish and is impeccably seasoned. Honestly, I wouldn't give it up for ANY new, fancy kitchen gadget, no matter what the price. It's that great.


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                  I'll vouche for cast iron as well. I also inherited a nice fry pan from my great grand parents and it is so well seasoned NOTHING sticks to it. Pan fry a steak and finish it in the oven no problem with cast iron.
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                    I fry (saute) a lot as well. Cast iron is good for sure. For everyday cooking I use what's called "French Steel" it's made of similar material you'd find for a wok....rolled steel. After continual use it builds up a carbon coating that makes it pretty much imperious to sticking, and there's also a nice transfer of heat and little to no hot spots.......the bonus is, these pans are a few bucks each and are popular in professional kitchens for their even cooking ability. As far as fat goes I'm a goose or duck fat lover, ghee of course and butter for more delicate cooking where I want that flavor.......olive oil as well....extra virgin of course, nothing refined is ever good when it comes to oil and that includes olive oil.

                    Here's a picture of one.....and an interesting blog.
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                      I have been thinking of buying a cast iron skillet.... I guess I will have to get on that!
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