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  • What to eat after an injury...

    So I did something stupid under a squat bar (poor form - distracted by bright shiny object - next thing you know a 315 pound bar went from squat to goodmorning), and ended up doing something to my back - I've been uncomfortable for the past week or so since it happened. While I tried to work through it, I've decided to take some time until it feels better.

    This all being the case - I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on eating certain items, or even altering the PB (though I'm loathe to do so) to help speed the healing process? It's crazy annoying - everytime I stand up or sit down it hurts, walking around after sitting hurts, my kids jumping on me hurts and laying down hurts. So whatever I need to do - but I need to kick this quick. I'm sick of being out of commission, and I'm sick of the twinge.

    Nutrition suggestions for fixing?