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variety, how much do you have? also rate my diet?

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  • variety, how much do you have? also rate my diet?

    hello everyone!

    This is my first post on the forums. my question is about variety. since going primal I have found that my diet is preety much the same day in and day out. an example of my day would be

    bfast: 2 pieces of ezekiel toast with nut/seed butter and of course coffee.

    lunch: 4 eggs fried in coconut/butter , with a side of green vegetables, cup of whole milk

    supper: good portion of meat with a side of greens. 3-4 pieces of dark chocolate for dessert.

    As you can see my diet is not 100% primal but I personally feel great. I try to rotate veggies and meat, try different spices, but other then that I dont get much variety. Personally though I still enjoy my food and Im not "bored" with it. My questions:

    1. do you think my diet is good? nutritionally complete and ideal for long term health? (im only 19 by the way)
    2. how much variety do you get in your diet? more or less then me?


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    You don't eat the way I would eat.
    And I know that people here would shun the bread, but to me, that's a decent diet- carbs, protein and fats all covered. I might swap out the chocolate for fruit on occasion. I think fruit brings a lot to the table in terms of nutrients.

    Ultimately you are eating healthy foods you enjoy in a good mix. That's the key.

    I'd say I eat more variety than you, and leaner meats/proteins, more carbs, less fat. I tend to like sweeter/lighter vs. savory heavy. I don't eat processed foods. I do eat some grains as well.
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      Originally posted by boss3097 View Post
      how much variety do you get in your diet? more or less then me?
      I prefer maximum variety as a hedge against the shortfalls of domestication--Grok ate animals that grazed on 100+ different wild plants. My hunch is that beef and cabbage from the same plot of land might lead to some unknown deficiency over time.

      Another advantage is being familiar with how to cook whichever plant or animal is most affordable/available at the moment. Mideast and Asian markets can save much cash in this way.

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        I certainly get more variety than you OP, but that may be a product of learning to cook and coming to enjoy it. None of that happened for me until late 20's/early 30's though. Your diet isn't bad. It's not what I would call optimal, but it's certainly a step up from your standard sorts.

        At 19 you seem to be on the right track though. Keep it up. Yes sprouted bread is better than wonder bread, but cutting it down a bit or opting for a different carb source like squash, fruit, or root vegetables (everything from beets and turnips to your standard tubers) will go a long way on the variety front. I love roasted root vegetables....I make beets, turnips, sweep potatoes and season em all up and roast together.