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    I have never tried IF and want to give it a try. I'm SUPER broke though, and can't afford at this moment to buy a book about it. I am going to try the very basic method that I saw in an article on this site and only eat between 11 and 5 (I'm ALL about easing into things ). My question is this: I workout regularly and lift weights. Is it a huge deal if I don't meet my daily protein amounts this day? And how often is it ok to just do this kind of IF? My goals are to lean up, not really obese, just a little overweight and that is evenly distributed on my body. But there are just some times that I am plain and simple not hungry. I have forced myself to eat something in the past, though, thinking it would be bad for my muscles if I didn't, but I HATE doing that. Thanks!

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    If you don't want to lose any lean mass and to perhaps gain in that department then yes, you will need to get enough protein on average. When you're IFing in general I would say that it is important to get the nutrition that you need when you are eating. It really won't matter much if you don't get enough protein for one day, but you will if you consistently don't get enough.
    Also be warned of the low carb flu when you first start down the PB path as well. (not everyone gets it, but still) My workouts suffered during that period for me, but it passes so don't get discouraged.


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      Here's a doctor approved free ebook on IF


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        Awesome! Thanks!!! I'll watch the protein then. I really don't want to lose the lean mass I have. I have worked too hard to get where I am now! I have kept my carbs at around 50-60, sometimes as high as 80. I feel so much better now that my blood sugar is not going wacko. My diet is not completely primal now, but definitely is so much better! Thanks again!