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Skin Issues - Eczema Here, Psoriasis There, Etc.

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    Now I am at another computer and the requisition form is back at my office, but I think I did see Calcidiol on there.

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      Did i not see a pic of you up a few hours ago saying that you had the same problem but it cleared up? Just curious to what you did and how long it took to see clear skin. I have psoriasis as well, and its always so tricky. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks


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        Originally posted by Pinkskyy View Post
        Did i not see a pic of you up a few hours ago saying that you had the same problem but it cleared up? Just curious to what you did and how long it took to see clear skin. I have psoriasis as well, and its always so tricky. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
        Yup. psoriasis, eczema, SD etc etc.

        I got off grains, dairy (though I can tolerate some now), optimized my 25(OH)D (see link below) and worked on optimizing zinc. I also take about 1000 IU vitamin A per day and work towards ideal Ω3:Ω6 ratios.

        My supplements are also listed below.

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          @ stabby and cillakat -

          I never really gave much though to ratio of EPA to DHA we are supposed to be consuming. I assumed that we needed more EPA because most supplements I have come across have more. I use a jarrow formulas EPA-DHA balance and this product promotes a synergistic benefit of getting the EFAs in a 2:1 ratio?!?!?!?!

          Why more DHA?

          Sorry off topic....... but important
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            Originally posted by cillakat View Post
            Anything that says 25-hydroxy vitamin D or twenty five hydroxy vitamin D? Or just Vitamin D? Or Calcidiol? (not calcitriol....that's the wrong test)

            These are the tests available on the form.
            I guess I could write one in on the bottom line, but who knows if it is even available or if I won't just land myself a hassle.


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              check off testosterone! see if you can sneak that one in there just out of curiosity


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                Hi cillakat

                Just new to the thread and love reading your posts. I have alot of the same skin issues as you (eczema, psoriasis, SD) and I can't seem to get rid of them. I have tried so many things that it pains me to think of the time and money I have invested and still have these issues. I am wondering if you would be able to give me a detailed idea, if you don't mind, of what exactly cured yours (diet, supplements, skin products etc) as the picture of you on this thread shows you have beautiful clear skin. Thanks cillakat


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                  You have described exactly what happened to me a couple of years. It got to the point that my throat and mouth were burning besides and I asked the doctor for a magic mouthwash which there is a prescription for, lol. However, we figured it out. 3 months before I had started Armor (and took it sublingual) for my thyroid which is made from pork. As soon as I quit taking the Armor my mouth stopped burning and over a few weeks the symptoms all disappeared. We reintroduced it and it was almost instantaneous before the symptoms came back.

                  I love pork but when I eat it even thinking a few days a week wont make a difference, the skins symptoms come back. Last week I made pork chops on the grill, had Tuesday night, leftovers Wednesday and Thursday, open house with pulled pork on Saturday and now have to pay the price while it works out of my system as an allergic reaction.

                  When I was reading your first post, I thought sounds like what I have and maybe you are allergic to pork and then your 2nd post confirmed you are eating pork with sausage and bacon on a regular weekly basis. I guess I might recommend not eating pork for maybe 7-10 days and see if you have any alleviation of the symptoms. Good luck.
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                    I have had small patches of psoriasis for a while - my scalp was by far the worst. I have a lot of autoimmune problems so I eat a low lectin version of primal. Except I never eliminated nuts....which can cause problems for some. Someone on this forum tried suggested a nut elimination and since doing that my psoriasis is almost gone.

                    I always associate eczema with dairy intolerance. I would try a strict two weeks or so of no dairy and no nuts (in addition to the things that Cillakat and Stabby recommended.)

                    For a quick lectin read you could look at this site - it helped me immensely: THE LECTIN STORY
                    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                      cheapo, you're right it doesn't look as if any test for D is listed on your lab requisition. You can get it in Canada, I had a 25(OH)D test in December in Ontario. It looks as if Ontario followed Nova Scotia's lead in limiting D testing; I had to pay for my test out of pocket. It's probably available in NS, you most likely have to ask for it and pay for it. Let us know how it goes.

                      Also the units of the results are different from the US results -- nmol/L instead of ng/mL. Vitamin D council recommendations for optimal range for adults are 50-80 ng/mL, or 125-200 nmol/L.
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                        My son is finding lavendar oil, or Thayer's withch hazel with lavender, both effectice for eczema on his face.
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                          jammies, thank you for this. have been reading the lectin story like crazy. easy and mucho interesting.
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                            Have you ever tried some evening primrose oil or borage oil which is an omega 6 but recommended for these type of skin conditions?
                            Omega-6 fatty acids


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                              Brown rice caused my eczema (and likely my receding gums). No brown rice, no eczema, and no more receding gums. Brown rice also caused weird dermatitis issues for my dad as well. That shit is poison.

                              I'd recommend tracking your food and outbreaks with some statistical software that may be able to help you find a correlation.
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                                Second the thanks to jammies for the article on the lectin story - very informative