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How bad.....dark chocolate covered almonds.....

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  • How bad.....dark chocolate covered almonds.....

    Prepackaged at HEB in the nuts/whole foods type section.

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    Originally posted by TxAgDuckman View Post
    Prepackaged at HEB in the nuts/whole foods type section.

    Eh. Not the best thing you could eat, but not the worst either. Enjoy some and don't beat yourself up over it.


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      I assume the soy lecithin is no good, but I figure if I have these on hand for when I get that sweet tooth, it can't be TOO bad. Main thing is just not eating more than 6 or 7.


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        Yeah, if you can avoid scarfing handful after handful...not so bad.

        If not, bad enough.

        Don't sweat it.


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          The soy lecithin should be such a small amount that it shouldn't hurt.

          It's a bit weird that there seems to be more chocolate than almonds in this though.


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            I wonder what "food glaze (pure)" is.


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              Make your own!

              Use raw almonds. Stir up some chocolate in a pan (high % of cacao). Pour it over the almonds. Job done.
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                Yeah, but almonds and dark chocolate separately.
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                  You could mix chocolate with some coconut oil and then dip the almonds in that. Chill in the fridge for a bit. Yum.


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                    I make my own dark chocolate almond bark, and hazelnut bark, and cashew bark at christmas time. OMG it's the best thing EVER!!! (mostly because I know what's in them, and control the amount of sugar!)
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                      Hi lil,

                      Can you give me the recipe of your almonds covered with dark chocolate? Do you calculate the calories as well? My main issue is when I cook, it's so hard calculating calories per serving...


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                        Use this: Recipe Calculator

                        It's awesome for calculating recipes! Very simple and easy to use.

                        As for almonds/hazelnuts/macadamia nuts etc covered with dark chocolate:

                        Melt dark chocolate with a couple tbsp of one of these: heavy cream/coconut cream/butter/coconut oil
                        optional dash of vanilla extract

                        Stir in nuts
                        pour into greased parchment/wax paper lined dish and smooth flat
                        chill until hard. Break into peices and enjoy! Mmmmmmm!

                        The other one is 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 2 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp vanilla, and nuts. Mix everything but the nuts until smooth, fold in the nuts and spread and chill. It will cut more like hard fudge.
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                        The more I see the less I know for sure.
                        -John Lennon


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                          dump the almonds, get yourself some dark chocolate & macadamia nuts & make your own. Seriously, it takes 5 mins.
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