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The Turrrible Weekend (Back On That Horse!)

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  • The Turrrible Weekend (Back On That Horse!)

    So I have been really good with having gone primal since March 1st... Usually 100% and some days about 90%...

    Well this last weekend I threw it all out the window and ate terrrribly!

    I graduated from college friday and had a big party with cake and lots of yummy foods that are big no no's. I ate pasta salad, chocolate cake, chips and cheese dip, cheesey bread, ravioli, etc... I still said no to the bun for my hamburgers and hot dogs.

    But, you know what? I'm feeling fine. It was one weekend and quite a treat for a celebration for my graduation. There was family everywhere and socially it was best to just eat what was there and not hurt family members feelings who brought food.

    In the old'en days I'd have given up with my diet and said "losing weight is too hard, i'd rather just be fat" but with my paleo/primal lifestyle, it's a permanent change. If I f*ck up, I just move on and shrug my shoulders. Back on the horse I go!

    I don't feel bad for my weekend at all, except for the stomach cramps I got from the cheese bread... My body doesn't handle grains so well anymore.
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    Congratulations on your graduation!


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      It's nice that you got this off your chest and made it more valid for yourself. Next time you fall off the horse, it'll be better for you to keep it to yourself and deal with any consequences privately. There is no sin being committed here. There is nothing to confess.
      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!