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    I'm looking to start an account with an online food tracker program, so I can plug in the details of what I eat each day and obtain information on grams of carbohydrates etcetera.

    Any recommendations? Who uses what?

    I live in Australia, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference as to what might be recommended (as we tend to measure food weight using grams/kilograms, not ounces/pounds).

    Appreciate advice.
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    I like the tracker. It has lots of good entries and breaks down the macros for you.
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      I know a lot of people love the details on Chronometer but I have used Calorie Count for years mostly just because all I need are the macro counts. I don't believe in RDA.

      They have an option to enter the food in grams OR serving sizes OR measuring cups/Tbsp/etc.
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        I've used myfitnesspal in the past. You can upload recipes, which is nice. You can also scan the barcode of an item. Though I'm not sure how that will work in Australia. MyPlate is the name of the Livestrong counter. That was good.

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          I used to use Paleotrack.



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            I like cronometer.