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Apple Cider vinegar and Candida

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  • Apple Cider vinegar and Candida

    OK - so I found out I had a candida problem about 6 months ago. Have been eating primal (even cleaner, really to eliminate all the candida stressors (soy, vinegar, dairy, nuts, etc.). I finally got the candida under control about one and a half months ago and have been feeling fantastic.

    Recently, this week I have tried to re-add in apple cider vinegar, which a lot of web sites say is actually good for candida sufferers. I feel as if it is unbalancing my blood sugar, making me feel jittery then groggy later. Is this possible?

    Any input on apple cider vinegar and its affects on candida? (Am I a freak that can't use this?)

    I have been really afraid to add stuff back into my diet (nuts, dairy, etc....) as I am so sensitive. Sux!!

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    I'm eager to hear what others say. Is there anything else that has changed besides the vinegar? I'm also on the candida diet, or a version of it, because I'm sensitive to so many things and also because I suspect candida. I can relate to the difficulty with it. I've been really digging into the coconut cream to take the edge off. Good luck!


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      Only thing I have changed so far is the apple cider vinegar, which I thought might help. Im not sure if it's helping or if it's a negative effect. Does seem to move things through, if you know what I mean, but I get that jittery/groggy feeling. Im wondering if that passes.....If you're doing the candida diet, you know how stuff affects you before it helps (herx reaction?)sometimes.......