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Individual differences in food requirements

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  • Individual differences in food requirements

    You know, I think I actually eat more than my husband.

    I can't quite understand how this can be. I mean, he is almost a foot taller than I am and weighs half as much again (80kg or more to my 60kg). I always just assumed he must be buying food at the cafe when he's not at home, but over the holidays we have been together pretty much for days on end and he eats when I do plus I snack as well!! What gives?
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    Differences in metabolism and/or activity levels?

    I don't really know, but I've noticed something similar. There isn't as much difference in weight between myself and my husband but he is even more active than I am, and some days doesn't eat any more than I do.

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      You may produce more heat than him.
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        Elliot, that is an extremely interesting point. While primal has helped get rid of my night sweats, in general I am more warm than cold, probably due to this stage of life. I never imagined that would make much difference to how much I would need to eat, but maybe so...
        Annie Ups the Ante