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Resources for cholesterol studies?

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  • Resources for cholesterol studies?

    Does anyone have any references they can provide regarding cholesterol? I am not looking for online articles, or books mostly based on someone's opinion. I have a lot of family that is concerned about my interest in the primal blueprint because of cholesterol/heart disease ramifications, and they are not the type of people that accept an online article as science. It is something I would also like to understand more fully as well. TIA!
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    Good Calories, Bad Calories is the only book that comes to mind that is not based on opinion and is heavily cited with references to the studies in which the information was found. You can also look online in medical journals for studies. I've seen a lot but I don't have any bookmarked or anything. Maybe somebody else does?
    I'm sure mark has plenty of posts on this as well and his posts usually contain links to the study he pulled the info from as well. Good luck!


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      Is awesome. His other stuff is great too. Tell them to sit down and read all of Stephan's cited studies. Everything is available online these days. Tell them that everything is available online these days, since if they are proponents of the lipid or cholesterol hypothesis, they're likely living in the distant past.

      Also this one is good.

      edit: It's pretty ridiculous that a falsehood can get to this point. What would happen if you asked them to prove to you that the way you are eating is harmful to cardiovascular health? How exactly would they pull that off? Point at a wheaties box? Guys like Taubes have done such a masterful and dazzling job of falsifying the lipid hypothesis that we tend to forget that there never was any evidence for it in the first place. The burden of proof rests on the side that makes the assertion after all.
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        It's frustrating, because people act like you have decided to take up using heroin or something (just venting here). The worst part is that a teenage nephew of mine began a primal-ish diet and had his cholesterol taken a couple months in and his "number" was high, so there was a massive freak out and of course that is now being applied to me. And the notion that I don't think every doctor knows everything is also not a popular opinion.

        ETA: I picked up a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories. Not really light summer reading! It looks like it has a lot of good info to get me started though.
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          Peter's whole blog (above) is absolutely excellent for anyone interested in cholesterol / arteriosclerosis.
          He tears apart many of the well known studies, amongst other things.
          He is also extremely funny in the driest way and a very good read generally about a high fat diet.