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my dad is in perfect health but doesn't eat a primal diet - explain

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  • my dad is in perfect health but doesn't eat a primal diet - explain

    Im forever questioning the primal/paleo lifestyle, but for that matter I question every diet, lifestyle in order to make myself as healthy as possible.

    Anyways, my dad is 56, probaly a little overweight but he isn't to bad. He just got his tests back and everything is really good.

    Excellent blood pressure
    excellent good cholestral
    excellent bad cholestral (low bad cholestral)

    All his organs are functioning at an excellent level. He's recently done a bowel or colon risk assesment for cancer (I dont remember which one) and hes got no risk. He also has no risk of diabetes at this time.
    He doesn't suffer from arthritus or anything like that at this time.

    He's in excellent health.

    Now I say this because he eats grain and carbs, probaly a little under the RDI of the standing food pyramid. On work days he also eats a fair amount of fruit. (OMG fructose)

    Like I said, im not trying to crap on all of you guys and I agree with lots of points on MDA but my dad is an example of someone perfectly healthy who doesn't follow a primal lifestyle.


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    Well, for my money, I've never made the argument that NOT eating primal is a one way ticket to the grave. Between your father and the plenty of cultures that eat grains, I wouldn't be able to.

    But I think what we're looking for in the PB is 'the ideal.' What were we meant to eat? What were we designed to eat? How are we supposed to live? So on a sliding scale we'd have the PB on the one end and the Standard American Diet on the other. I guess your dad is somewhere in the middle. I don't know that that's a 'bad' place to be, but in my own experience moving closer to that PB ideal has been hugely beneficial.


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      Where Australian. But yeh I guess your right, and my dad barley, and I mean barley eats any junk food, not even biscuits or anything etc


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        I think my dad has pretty darn good genetics. Both Grandmana and Grandpa used to heavily smoke. Both have had several heart attacks between them and strokes and the like. Both are living in there 80s at the moment. There diet is very basic, not eating good, not eating bad...
        So lets hope I have these genes!


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          the Grass fed beef thing is very good news to me as I was concerned about that...


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            My favorite saying....Genetics loads the gun and diet fires it.....perhaps his genetics are just outstanding


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              My mother eats only fruits, grains, nutella, fruit spreads, milk, sugar, etc, and she isn't dying yet either. But I KNOW she will get diabetes one day, and honestly I am tired of trying to help.
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                We should all be taking personal responsibility for our health. Your dad may be the lucky guy who lives to 110 with a horrible diet.

                There are also cases of those people doing the CW thing, eating healthy by those standards, perfect medical check ups, work out regularly and by all accounts are perfectly healthy. Who then drop dead of a massive coronary.

                My grandfather was one. He was barely 60, proper body weight, a runner and a regular dancer, given a healthy bill of health just a few months before he died. Of a massive coronary.
                SW: 235
                Rough start due to major carb WD.

                MWF: 1 hour run/walk, 1.5 hours in the gym - upper/lower and core
                Sat/Sun=Yard/house work, chasing kids, playing
                Family walk every night instead of everyone vegging in front of the TV
                Personal trainer to build muscle mass & to help meet goals


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                  Soooooo... Basically, there is room for improvement. But it doesn't sound like his food choices are going to kill him any time soon. So that's AWESOME.

                  I'm pretty sure that NOT everyone here got started on this lifestyle because they were miserable. But that's a guess.

                  Choices are choices. If you can live with them comfy and cozy then go for it.

                  I mean, If I could have the sexy bod that I've seen and know is in here somewhere, I'd eat ice cream and cookies every day... But that's not a reality...


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                    it's a genetic metabolic type called high occtane...that allows those you call 'lucky' to get away with a life of cereal and donuts/buscuits WITH butter haha....the gene has the ability for people regardless of their insulin load with of without fat, they will never become insulin resistant. i guess it is the lucky gene. VERY VERY few people still have that kind of metabolism. but those that do, and it has to do with mitochondrial activity & their metabolism, will those who can eat what they want, smoke & booze as they please and live till 3459138450134
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                      I definitely believe that the PB is not necessary for everyone, and why mess with something that is already fine? My husband is a prime example too. He's 34, has always been like single digit bf thin, NEVER gets sick, ever, even when the rest of us in the house are dying of a miserable cold, nothing touches him. He never gets heartburn, low bs, high bs, anything.... and he's fit. Just today we were at the playground with our children and he was doing pull ups on the bars with ease and has no problem with any exercise even though we hardly ever do any!
                      And his diet looks like this:
                      Breakfast: coffee with cream and sugar. Usually that's it
                      he works until lunch and says he never feels hungry, tired or weak and then eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, a banana,and a granola bar! All carbs and sugar, almost no protein or fat.
                      Dinner: whatever I make which is mostly primal but if it doesn't contain enough carbs then he will usually eat something crazy like most of a big bag of chips, or a whole pint of ben and jerrys in one sitting. And I've tested his bs after a 300+g carbs meal once and it was fine!

                      So, genetics definitely plays a huge role which is why I don't feed my girls 100% primal. I don't think it's necessary for them just like it's not necessary for a lot of people out there. I do wonder if his health could be better if he ate more primal and maybe have a little more energy? But, I don't know what I would measure the changes against since his starting point is pretty damn good. Why mess with a good thing, right?
                      And yes, if I never struggled with my weight or other health issues I would be eating cookies and ice cream every day too.


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                        My mother-in-law was always in perfect health. Always excellent numbers and very vibrant. Her mantra is "everything is good in moderation." She takes loads of suppliments and follows the latest advice on what is good to eat like whole grains etc. . Her mother lived well into her 90's. Her good health and numbers followed her up until a few months ago when she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer at 74. She wasn't a smoker and didn't live with one either. She has the type of lung cancer that is not associated with smoking. She came from a more primitive culture in a closed community and dropped almost every last bit of her traditional diet for the more "healthy" conventional one full of grain and corn oil. Personally I think diet makes a difference. It may not now but it could later on.


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                          I was actually the picture of health before starting PB, at least my doctors said so. Before PB, I was 175 lbs, 5'9", excellent total cholesterol, HDL and LDL. BP was 118/78, resting pulse around 60. Since starting PB in March, my last cholesterol tests were high. Total cholesterol was over 200, HDL remained the same, but LDL shot up 50 points. However, my weight has come down to about 170, my blood pressure down to about 108/68, and resting pulse around 55.

                          So, am I better off? I can say that I feel better overall. My stomach doesn't ever have that bloated uncomfortable feeling. No more carb cravings or feeling starved if I haven't eaten a meal in three hours. And most of all, I really enjoy what I eat. I love the eggs, full fat meats, coconut and other oils, and all the veggies and occasional fruits.

                          I am anxious to see what my primary physician says at my annual physical in August.


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                            Originally posted by Helen in Oz
                            I'd be interested to know what your dad's diet really looks like - especially his childhood diet. Ask him about his mom's home cooking.

                            Genetics are wonderful things, and I'm guessing your dad has a good selection of those that have adapted well to neolithic foods. He's fortunate! When I was a kid, there was a 96 year old in our town who smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish, and drove like a maniac. Yep, still behind the wheel at 96. But smoking and alcohol kill many people half that age.

                            For every hale and hearty 60 year old there's ten popping pills like candy.
                            Hahaha my girlfriends grandfather is just like this. He has literally had every surgery in the book on every part of his body, fought in all the major battles in WWII, got blown up numerous times, eats whatever the hell he feels like, and is still ticking like a clock. Oh what genetics and a lot of luck can do.

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                              What's "perfect health"? I hadn't been diagnosed with anything and felt "fine" before I started eating properly. Now I feel much better and doubt I'll ever be diagnosed with any diseases of affluence. "Perfect health" doesn't exist. There is always room for improvement. Srsly. You could benefit from what is known as philosophy.

                              Humans have the potential to be insanely healthy and vital, to degenerate extremely slowly and to live for a ridiculously long time. We're comparing apples to watermelons here. It's not so black and white, there is critical thinking and critical evaluation to be done,

                              This is what CW medicine has reduced us to. A couple of numbers and lack of purported death and doom and suddenly nothing is better than anything else. It's silliness.
                              Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

                              Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!