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PB and Diverticulitis - a fiber issue

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  • PB and Diverticulitis - a fiber issue

    So, I'm hoping my fellow Groks can help me track down some resources relating to a primal or paleo diet and diverticulitis. I've been trawling the web and haven't had much success with my usual sources (MDA, Whole Health Source, Eades)

    I've been enjoying eating primally for about five months now and have reached a point where I would like to have a go at converting my parents. Both are fairly healthy eaters to begin with (they enjoy meat, seafood and eggs, use plenty of olive oil, though of course still eat lots of whole wheat bread, pasta, etc.) but I think the biggest stumbling block to converting them is that about a year ago my mom had a problem with diverticular disease/diverticulitis (not sure on the specifics of how these two differ). No surgery or anything needed, but the doctor did recommend that she follow a high fiber (25-35 g/day) diet, which she accomplishes with lots of bran cereal, vegetables and fiber bars.

    I know it's very possible to get that amount on fiber with PB (I often track my intakes with Cron-O-Meter and without really trying I often get 25g or more of fiber in a day) but I would really like some articles or links that shed more light on the matter. My parents are both pretty scientifically minded, so they need more than just my say-so to believe something!

    Also (poop talk warning!) I know that on PB, while by bowel movements have been regular and um "well formed" they are nothing close to the rather copious "logs" that are the darling of the high fiber supporters and I imagine this would be quite a worry for someone like my mom who's been told that to stay healthy she MUST eat tons of fiber and keep everything moving...

    Any links, book recommendations, personal experiences, etc. would be most welcome!

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    I am 25 years old and I developed Diverticulitis when I was 24 and had not been following the Primal Diet. It is extremely uncommon for someone my age to develop this, and mine was so bad that I had to have a colon resection and spent 3 days in the hospital for it.

    I was told I needed to eat oatmeal, bran, bread, etc. and etc. or else I would develop it again and never poop right.

    I follow this diet almost 100% and I am having absolutely no problems. I hope it stays that way, but as of right now I can say that everything feels fine for me. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies which definitely give me a good amount of fiber that I am fairly certain the doctors would approve of.


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      Thanks for the responses! Rivvin, It's great to hear from someone who's had success with PB and diverticulitis.

      Yeah, she'll definitely have to talk to her doctor, but not even Conventional Wisdom can argue with "eat tons of veggies", so I think I have a chance that she'll give it a shot!


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        i have also just been diagnosed with diverticulitis - and just as I was about to start eating primal. The hospital sheet has a diet full of high fibre foods such as cereal and bread. Can I get the same effect if I'm leaving these out?


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          I and others have found that fat helps digestion much more than fiber, though veggies should give you plenty of fiber.
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            See the other post.

            Get fiber from veggies, and practice trial and error. Everyone is different. Grains are likely inflammatory, and the worst way to get fiber.


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              thanks very much. I'll certainly give it a go.


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                I also have diverticular disease, and since going Primal have had not one single problem - in fact everything is better than it has been for years! Plenty of fibre in all the vegetables, and no bloating from all those grains (and the fat "oils the works", so to speak!).


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                  Eating lots of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, and old-fashioned pickles will help a lot more than fiber from grains. Plenty of fiber in fruits and vegetables. Bran and metamucil just clog things up, IMO.

                  Here is a contrary opinion, saying that fiber from grains CAUSES diverticulitis. Looking at the experiences of several of the other posters (no gut trouble on Primal eating, in spite of a history of diverticular disease before going Primal), the guy may be right. He's also a very amusing read.

                  Gut Sense: Diverticulosis and diverticulitis