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  • Yogurt

    What yogurt you guys eat and where do you get it from. Everything I can find has loads of carbs...

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    i make yogurt with a yogurt maker and some sort of mix involving heavy cream, half and half, and/or whole milk, fermented for 24 hours.

    the fattier the milk the less carbohydrates. the fermentation process further reduces carbohydrate numbers (the longer the fermentation the greater the reduction), and breaks up the lactose (so no lactose-intolerance issues).

    taste's great, and a very convenient source of calories. goes great with blended fruit, or honey or somesuch mix, even blended veggies sometimes.


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      I'm looking for an already made product... preferably...

      Any choices?


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        From what I've seen, you're best bet is a full fat greek yogurt. The full fat varieties seem to have fewer carbs. And Greek varieties have even fewer carbs per serving than conventional.

        Don't go for the flavored varieties of any yogurts, either, if you're watching carbs. Stick with the plain.

        A serving of plain Fage Classic (full fat) greek yogurt has fewer than 7 grams of carbs. However, the honey flavor has 28 g in a much smaller serving size. The fat free plain version has 9 grams of carbs.

        Dannon (conventional) plain full fat has 12 g of carbs in 8 oz. The low fat and non-fat have 12 g in 6 oz servings.


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          FAGE....4 tubs a the stuff! they have it at my market...but only one of like 8 markets here- they have learned to keep full fat in stock for me lol
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            There are other brands of Greek yogurt out there depending on where you live as well. Not all of them are created equal in terms of carbs and especially in terms of protein. Chobani is another good one, and there's Oikos. I usually can only find 2% Fage in most stores here, but I think it's fine -- 8g carbs per serving instead of 6g for the full fat, really not a big difference, and actually more protein.

            It's fairly regional, but I also eat a lot of Cultural Revolution organic yogurt (plain) -- the low fat is lower in carbs than full fat for some reason, only 3g per serving.


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              I was asking about the Fage 5%...

              sadly the answer came:

              Thank you very much for your email and interest in our products.

              I regret to inform you that FAGE has decided to no longer offer our FAGE Total 5% Yogurt. We recommend trying our FAGE Total 2% yogurt as a replacement. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

              Best Regards,


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                You can make your yogurt "Greek" quite easily. Line a colander with a big square of cheesecloth and dump in your favorite yogurt, preferably organic, full fat and plain. Bring the four corners of the cheesecloth together and twist until the cloth is squeezing the yogurt a little. Use a twist tie or rubber band to fasten the corners, keeping it snug. Set the colander on a bowl or plate in the fridge and let yogurt drain for a three hours. The now "Greek" yogurt can go back into the original carton all thick and creamy.


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                  I'm on my quest to get a low carb yogurt!


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                    Yogurt irks me.

                    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yogurt, but it's damned near impossible to find yogurt that is neither "lowfat" nor "nonfat." (Translation: loaded with sugar.) My Trader Joe's has a store brand full-fat yogurt, but that's it. Even the Fage there only comes in 2% or (shudder) 0%.
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                      Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt!! per 175g of Plain flavour: F 18g, C 9g, P 7g


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                        I'm partial to Greek Gods plain yogurt. And usually I can find the full fat version everywhere. Or make your own. It's super easy and puts you in complete control.


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                          I like the Greek Gods and Fage Total. Decent content of sugar overall


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                            Eventually I ended up doing my own. Absolute wonderful! The best yogurt I ever had... Made from Organic whole Milk... I'm just a bit puzzled about how much I can eat. No idea how much sugar this thing still has in it from the milk.


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                              I've tried all the full fat greek yourguts and FAGE is the best. I add frozen blueberries, strawberries and pineapples into 1/2 a container in the morning and eat it around 3pm... once you mix it up it turns purple and is great.